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How consumer facing companies are driving inclusive design communication: PRmoment India Podcast

As both policy and societal awareness drive awareness about inclusive design, it is consumer-facing firms such as Microsoft, Apple and Lancomme are also helping create communication around inclusive design.

To understand how inclusive design communication is emerging in India, PRmoment India editor, Paarul Chand speaks to Roma Balwani CEO and brand custodian of, the Indian Deaf Cricket Association and Shai Venkatraman, VP - of client experience, Current Global about emerging trends in inclusive design communication, whether corporate India is open to incorporating it and brand examples of inclusive design campaigns. 

Shai Venkatraman pointed out, "Check any organisation today. You know, and I think increasingly organisations are under the scanner for what to how do they care about the environment? What do they care about practising ethical business? How do they care about the people in the end that also keep their clients happy who have people with disabilities. They have to include digital accessibility."

Roma Balwani shared the example of Star Sports and its campaign for greater inclusion by explaining how sport, especially cricket, is trying to make communication more inclusive for its fans. 

Not only will it provide subtitled commentary but also created a special message.The campaign pegs its message around Dhoni's super fans, including one very special child.

For the full podcast, listen here: 

The episode includes the following topics:

1) The importance of accessibility by design in the future. (1:04)

2) Why should the corporate sector care about design communication? (3:06)

3) What are the factors that are driving inclusive design awareness? (5:53)

4) The importance of making our communications accessible to everyone. (11:03)

5) Examples of great design communication for the general population or the population with special needs. (12:42)

6) Cricket’s 'Shor Campaign' includes a deaf fan. (14:10)

     a) The Leo Mattel American girl doll.

7) The future of ESG and how it can be used in a different way. (18:31)

       a) The future of ESG and the importance of digital accessibility. design, communication and inclusion.

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