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Rebecca Grant, UK CEO and global chief brand officer of BCW on the implications of Schwartz’s values theory on communications

Today on the PRmoment Podcast we’re talking about values. We’re going part history lesson, part comms theory and part future gazing. To help talk us through that kaleidoscope we’ve Rebecca Grant, UK CEO and global chief brand officer of PR agency BCW on the show.

We’re going to talk about the importance of values in successful communication campaigns.

The hope is that in 30 mins' time, you'll know about the basics of Schwartz’s values theory, why it matters to communications and we’ll give you an insight into the research BCW has done to take Schwartz’s theory and apply it to communications best practice.

So it’s a serious show and to match such a serious topic I should mention that it’s the very serious ESG Awards entry deadline in September! Take a look at all the categories on the ESG Awards website.

And thanks so much to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors of the PRCA.

Graphics courtesy of: Professor Shalom Schwartz’s Theory of Basic Human Values

Here is a summary of what Rebecca and I discussed on the show:

2 mins Rebecca talk us through Schwartz's work on values and what it was all about.

“Values are the motivational basis for what we think, feel and do…they are foundational and shape how we engage with the world. They are more constant than our attitudes, knowledge and opinions."

“Values are formed in adolescence and then shape your view of the world and they remain constant.”

“Your values might shift or evolve but on the whole, once your value set is formed in adolescence they remain constant.”

“You will have different values, they are not mutually exclusive.”

“Professor Schwartz defines the basic human values - of which there are eleven.”

“Values are good predictors of future behaviours.”

7.30 mins You can visit to find out your own values.

8 mins Rebecca talks us through Schwartz’s 11 values:

Self-direction, Stimulation, Hedonism, Achievement, Power, Security, Tradition, Conformity, Universalism Societal, Universalism Nature, Benevolence.

14 mins How has BCW’s research put a communications layer on top of Schwartz's work to understand how to communicate with people with different values?

“As people, we will fit into 1 of the 7 Archetypes based on a combination of our core values”

19 mins Why this research has huge implications for communications and content planning.

23 mins Rebecca talks us through the 7 Archetypes coming out of BCW’s research.

The Success Seeker, The Conformist, The Adventurer, The Visionary, The Protector, The Good Neighbour, The Traditionalist and The Conformist.

25 mins Ben's core values: Benevolence, Universalism Societal, Self-direction.

26 mins Rebecca’s Core Values: Benevolence, Universalism Societal, Conformity.

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