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Siddharth Singh, chief - corporate affairs, communications, Tata Power DDL on the PRmoment Podcast

Managing the communication of Tata Power DDL in Delhi is not your run-of-the-mill corporate communications job. 

The 'Government of Delhi 'is a 49% partner in the company. This means  Siddharth Singh, chief - of corporate affairs, communications, administration and security, and health services at Tata Power DDL has to interact with a variety of communication stakeholders including government departments, frontline employees such as linesmen and 25 legislative members of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha.

In this exclusive interview with the PRmoment podcast, Singh shares his experience and tips on handling the complexities of such a mandate. 

Interestingly Singh is also a former member of the highly elite Special Protection called, commonly known as the 'SPG'. He has served with national leaders in this capacity. 

Prior to joining TATA Power-DDL, he also served in BSF protecting the borders of India. His first job after leaving government forces was with the Tata Group. 

 He also talked about his switch from being a person in uniform to a corporate communicator at the Tatas. Listen in:

On the show Singh talks about:

At 1 minute: The range of stakeholders for Tata as well as the support provided by Tata Power DDL to 5 hospitals in Delhi during Covid.

At 3 minutes: The engagement with 3100 company employees, with a special focus on electricity linemen.

At 8 minutes: Outreach with employees, mediums of communication during the pandemic. 

at 12 minutes: Work-life lessons Lessons from being a person in uniform, especially in the BSF and SPG.

Ends at 18 minutes. 

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