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Six key themes from AMEC’s Measurement Summit 2023

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast. On the show, PRmoment's Ben Smith shares the six key themes from AMEC’s Measurement Summit held in 2023. Steph Bridgeman, founder of Experienced Media Analysts and Richard Bagnall who is a co-managing partner of Carma joined the discussion. 

Both Steph and Richard are on the AMEC International Board Directors 2023 Amec is the International Association for the Measurement & Evaluation of Communication.

Thanks to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors, The PRCA.

Here is a summary of what Steph and Richard PRmoment founder Ben Smith discussed:

2 mins Theme One: Why earned media is value not vanity for brands.

“The role earned can play in PESO”

“Paid (media) is paying so much more for decreased audiences and it’s time for earned to have a much more strategic role at the table”

“There’s nothing quite like an AMEC disco”

“Value (metrics), not vanity”

“Paid is 4 times more expensive than it was 5 years ago, brands simply can’t afford to put paid first anymore”

5 mins PR people don’t need to feel they are on the back foot with their data.

7 mins Theme Two: The impact of AI on PR measurement

“Learn how to ask better questions to get better answers”

“The bulk of future content on the internet will be produced by AI, in turn, this content will train the next family of generative AI tools”

“ The Gen Zers of today are probably the most insular group we’ve ever had”

11 mins Where are we on the evolution of the accuracy of AI measurement?

“It’s incredibly powerful and impressive but it needs strong guardrails…you need to check everything, it’s so compelling with what it produces you think it must be right but if you don’t check it mistakes will follow.”

14 mins Richard explains the copyright concerns with Generative AI.

17 mins Theme Three: Programme logic models are here to stay.

“If we want to demonstrate our measurement journey we have to move from outputs to outcomes”

(PR) must as an industry avoid substitution error”

Here is a link to AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework that Richard and Steph discuss on the show The Integrated Evaluation Framework.

And here is a link to the “AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework Tutorial - which PRmoment has negotiated free access to for our readers/listeners for the next 60 days (normal cost £149 apparently, thank us later!) Discount code: PRMoment23

And here is the link for the “AMEC Foundation course in Media Measurement & Evaluation” which is an introduction to the key terms and principles related to news and social media monitoring, measurement and evaluation. Again PRmoment has negotiated free access to our readers/listeners for the next 60 days (normal cost £149, again, thank us later) Discount code: PRMoment23

23 mins Theme Four: The importance of data storytelling

“The importance of being interesting and useful!”

“Don’t have a data puke into your reports”

“Can we find the one key insight that will guide our strategy”

28 mins Theme Five: The importance of data confidence in public relations

31 mins The difference between last-click attribution and contribution

Theme Six: The importance of ongoing measurement education in PR and communications

“The time for excuses is over”

“Earned media’s time is now”

“We can’t just count stuff”

“We mustn't confuse counting and measuring activity (ie: being busy fools) with demonstrating value”

Here are some more details of the education resources available from AMEC:

The Barcelona Principles -

The Measurement Maturity Mapper -

The AMEC PR Planning guide -

37.30 mins Steph gives PR a 3/10 on its measurement journey in the last 5 years - but for some organisations, it's a 10/10.

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