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On the global PRmoment podcast with Ben Smith: What is the future of communications? Bespoke and personalised or are scale and consistency still important?

Welcome to the PRmoment Podcast.

Today we’re chatting with Rachel Allison founder and CEO of Axe & Saw about whether there is a tension between using inclusive communications that are able to reach a diverse audience and the most one size fits all approach in most marketing campaigns.

We’ll also talk about what Gen Z and minority groups want and need from their PR employers.

Axe & Saw has 10 employees, a fee income of £600K and was founded in March 2021.

Thanks as ever to the PRmoment Podcast sponsors The PRCA.

Here’s a summary of what Rachel and I discussed:

2 mins Is there a tension between inclusive communications and the one size fits all approach used in most marketing campaigns?

3 mins Communicators now have a proliferation of channels and multiple customer segments - does that mean multiple and varied bespoke marketing campaigns will become the norm or are scale and consistency still important?

“There is a need for both…talk about people on the fringes of your community”

6 mins To what extent do we all think and feel differently depending on our ethnicity and background?

8 mins How can a better understanding of these differences help brands better plan their communications?

9 mins An important part of this change is the need for the communications teams to include a diverse range of communicators. How are we doing?

12 mins What does success look like when it comes to the diversity of PR and communications?

15 mins What do minority groups need from their employers?

“Class can play a huge impact on whether you feel that your voice is heard”

23 mins There are plenty of stories of larger agencies hiring aggressively from smaller firms that have a diverse workforce. How much of a problem is that at the moment for smaller independent agency owners?

26 mins Rachel’s agency employees work 4 days a week. How does that work? Does Rachel employ 20% more people because the agency works a 4-day week?

30 mins What do Gen Z employees want from their employers?

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