A day in the life of a rubbish PRO

Thanks to feedback from this site, and from interminable performance reviews, I have to face the fact that I am crap at PR. Luckily, judging from other people I have met in the business, I realise that this need not hold me back in my career.

I have gathered from a few of your comments that hating your boss, clients and journalists is not the best attitude to have. And apparently, according to my last performance review, being late for work and taking long coffee-breaks does not demonstrate great commitment.

But I don’t believe in being an island, so I thought I’d share with you my typical working day. Ring any bells?

My Day

7.00am: Alarm goes off. Ignore Alarm. Then turn off alarm.

9.00am: Oh shit! Rush out of house, and hurry to the local train station. Do not even have time to grab a masala chai and wada pao (depending on the city you are in – it could just as well be chai and aloo paratha) on the way. But grab a masala chai and wada pao anyway. After all, I won’t be on top form if I am starved.

10.15am: Spend ten minutes regaling office with terrible story of how train broke down and I had to walk along track. This explains today’s late arrival, despite having got up at 6am to go running in preparation for the Delhi half-marathon. Colleague asks if you are allowed to run even a half-marathon while smoking a cigarette, as surely I won’t be able to last even an hour without one?

12.00pm: Have not had a minute to do any work, although I was on Twitter. Instead of reading relevant Tweets and writing one myself, I looked at comments from celebrities (wish I was in Filmistan with Priyanka Chopra), and started following some more. Did spend half an hour networking, in other words, smoking with colleagues outside. This was quite an achievement as there is a sudden rainstorm with occasional hail outside. Must be lunchtime soon?

12.30pm: Lunch at last. Leave office muttering something about a journalist meeting. Instead, go shopping as sales are on, it would be criminal not to.

3.30pm: Is that the time? Thank goodness, all purchases are small enough to fit into my backpack.

5.30pm:  Wow! Doesn’t Facebook eat up your life? I also did a lot of research online. The research is about my health. Am very worried that my high-fat diet, cigarette and alcohol consumption mean that I am about to die, as have a few suspicious aches and pains. And here I am wasting my last few hours at work. Better go soon and do something constructive with my life, it may be later than I think!