Are you a PR winner or a PR loser?

If I was more ambitious, more talented and more committed, I reckon I could really do well in this industry. But as it is, I think I have got as far as my abilities can take me, but have you?

Take my quiz to find out how much potential you have to rise to the top in PR.

How ruthless are you?

a) You can’t get what you want by being nice. It's a dog eat dog world, it's either them, or me!

b) I wouldn’t say I am ruthless, I would never stab someone in the back. But I’m not going to let anyone walk all over me either.

c) I always give people the benefit of the doubt.

What is your long-term ambition?

a) To earn a shed load of money and run my own business. Whether that is a PR agency, or any other business. As long as I am the chief.

b) It is hard to pinpoint exactly where I will end up, but I plan to grab each opportunity as it arises, and make the most of any chances I get to progress.

c) I just want to be happy.

What sort of hours do you usually work?

a) I turn the lights on in the office in the morning and switch them off at night – well after the cleaners have left.

b) I put my heart and soul into what I do, but this doesn’t always mean long hours. But, when there is a pitch on, or an important campaign to finish, then of course I will put in the necessary time.

c) I have a life, and I’m not prepared to have it ruined by spending too much time in the office.

How many friends do you have in PR?

a) I don’t need friends, I need contacts who can help me to progress.

b) I would say most of the people I work with are my friends, plus many of my clients too.

c) Most of my friends are outside of this industry.

Would you ever do anything unethical to get ahead?

a) Sure, as long as I know I can’t get caught. I’m not as stupid as those MPs who fudge their election expenses.

b) No, there’s no need to play dirty in PR.

c) Why would I? I’m not that fussed about getting ahead.


Mostly As: You need to get a life. You are so driven you have completely lost perspective about what it takes to win friends and influence people. You need to learn some charm. And take a holiday for God’s sake.

Mostly Bs: Yep, you could be heading for great things. When you get to the top, please remember me.

Mostly Cs: Why are you even working in PR? Get out now!

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