Are you are too nice to work in PR?

Having charm, being considerate and knowing how to listen are great traits for PROs to possess, (well, so I’ve been told). But it doesn’t pay to be too nice, you don’t want to be a doormat.

Take this quiz to find out if you are too nice to go far in PR

The boss asks you to drop off personal Diwali gifts; you know you will have to battle terrible traffic, do you:

a) Politely refuse.

b) Have a tantrum about being asked to do such a menial task.

c) Agree immediately, and ask if your boss would like you to pick up some lunch too?

There are after-work drinks in the pub. When it comes to the first round, do you:

a) Suggest to your boss that it might be a good move for him/her to get the drinks in first.

b) Make sure you leave before it’s your round.

c) Insist on buying everyone a drink, and end up spending far more than you can afford.

A journalist screams at you when you call asking if you can help with some content, do you:

a) End the call, saying you will send an email and they can contact you at a better time.

b) Call them names, slam the phone down and make sure they aren’t given any one on ones with the top guy next time.

c) Apologise profusely and continue being subjected to a long stream of abuse.

A client blames you for an article where they are quoted saying something stupid; even though you advised them not to do the interview in the first place, do you:

a) Remind the client of your initial advice, and suggest some damage-limitation strategies.

b) Scream at the client and say that you never want to work with them again.

c) Beg the client’s forgiveness.

Mostly As: You could go far.

Mostly Bs: You could go to hell.

Mostly Cs: You need to get out of PR. Go to assertiveness lessons first, so you have enough courage to hand in your notice.