Are you suffering from PR paranoia?

This time of year is terrible for my liver, there is one industry bash after another in the cold Delhi weather. It is also terrible for my confidence, am I imagining it, or does no one want to talk to me at PR parties? I have asked around the office, and the consensus is that I’m not imagining it (thanks guys!).

So if you ever get the feeling that the person you are talking to would much rather be with someone else at a PR event, take this quiz to see if you are being paranoid, or are just terrible company.

1. You arrive at an event and are pleased to see quite a few people you know. How do they react when you greet them?

a) They seem delighted. They throw their arms around you and beg you to come into a corner with them so that they can monopolise you.

b) They are friendly and introduce you to the people they are talking to, in glowing terms, although it isn’t that long before they have to mingle with other people.

c) Where have they gone? Suddenly they seem to have disappeared.

2. You are in a small group of people at a bash, and everyone is making small talk. When you ask an individual in the group to tell you more about themselves, how do they react?

a) They say that what they do is boring compared to your achievements and insist you tell them more about yourself instead.

b) They tell you a few pieces of news about themselves and then ask you about your background. But they look a bit bored when you are speaking.

c) Ask them about themselves? Why would I do that? It is much more entertaining if I talk about myself.

3. How many drinks does it take before you feel you can enjoy a work do?

a) None, although people are always trying to find the best champagne to give me. I always have a brilliant time just drinking water.

b) One to take the edge off my nerves.

c) I like to get tanked up before I arrive, it makes me tell much funnier stories. And sometimes I even put on a bit of a show.

4. What type of people do you tend to gravitate towards at a work event?

a) People tend to mob me before I can think who I would like to talk to.

b) To be honest I do prefer to talk to people who look like my friends, for instance I feel more comfortable with people my own age.

c) I find the people serving drinks at events are the easiest to talk to. At least they make an effort to smile at me, well, at the beginning of the evening.


Mostly As: You are a party god! Everyone loves you, how do you do it?

Mostly Bs: You may feel a bit unpopular sometimes, but this is perfectly normal. You are right, people are not that interested in you – they are too bothered worrying about what people think of them.

Mostly Cs: Please stop going to parties, you are ruining them. You could do with being a bit more paranoid about what people think of you.

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