If you haven’t got anything good to say…

Some clients are a dream to work for. They have products that everyone loves, and you only have to mention their names for the media to come begging for stories. Tata, Mark Zuckerberg in India and Reliance, to name a few.

Then there are my clients. The ones that you have to beg the media NOT to mention, because the only thing said about them is bad. No matter how much I rack my brains to think of a positive attribute, it’s no good, they don't have any and no one would believe me anyway.

They are brands that people enjoy despising.

It's probably not wise to name and shame my current clients; I haven't paid off the house loan yet.

But here are a few other brands which the media love to hate:

S. Sreesanth. He’s not cool, and even the dance moves on Jhalak cannot overcome a touch of spot fixing. He is the perfect antidote to Sachin Tendulkar though.

Bigg Boss winners who don't have any cache? Need I mention Vindu Dara Singh?

Politicians during elections. If you measured success by the amount of coverage you could achieve that would be great. Unfortunately, every bit of press coverage is hideous. My suggestion?  Convince them that they should be seen and not heard. If it works with children….

Banks. Never mind the fact that everyone hates bankers, I find writing about finance sends me … yawn … to sleep …

Honourable Mentions: would hate to be the PRO for Satya Nadella, Flipkart and RR Patil right now!

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