PR Grouch: How to increase your PR creativity this lunchtime

I have just had a genius idea! This is to take an extra long lunch break and sit in the park at lunch time. Now you might think this is me being lazy again but, actually, I often get my best ideas when I am slacking. To help you access your inner creative genius, here are a few more tips to help you come up with original ideas. Notice that brainstorming is not on this list, that’s because I reckon brainstorming is a crap way to get creative juices flowing.

1. Put the kettle on. If you are stumped for a great concept for your next campaign, go and make a cup of tea (or coffee, go wild if you need to, but do avoid the Old Monk till sun down). Standing by a boiling kettle can be inspiring. Especially if you get to chat to the creative genius in the office, they are bound to give you a few good ideas.

2. Go to the toilet. I don’t know why, but there is something about bathrooms that gets my imagination going. Maybe it’s because I like to imagine I am somewhere else, rather than in the unpleasant environment of our office loo.

3. Get outside. Even better, take a day off. The best way to solve a work problem is to NOT think about it. The best way NOT to think about it is to be as far away from the office as possible.

4. Use a brilliant idea you have used before. There are only so many fantastic ideas in the world you know. So if you ever come up with one, make sure you use it again and again.

5. Steal someone else’s idea. If you have never been lucky enough to have an inspired idea of your own, then don’t feel too proud to “borrow“ someone else‘s.

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