PR Grouch on which is better – Client side or agency?

It’s tricky. At an agency you have more fun, but have to work harder.
In-house, chances are you’ll have to talk to some pretty dull people.
So here are my thoughts on whether agency or client side is best:
Agency benefits

1. Agencies are falling over themselves to position themselves as good employers, so chances are you'll get some free cereal and the odd massage but sod all in way of a pension.

2. Better looking colleagues.

3. You may not have to wear a suit.

4. You get to eat out at more decent restaurants.

5. The office design is marginally less likely to make you fall into a deep depression every morning.

Client side benefits

1. You don’t have to pitch for business. Well, that’s the theory! But getting a decent slice of the marketing budget can be an uphill struggle.

2. You don’t have to worry about your client dumping you.

3. You may be the only PR expert in the company, so you are the font of all PR wisdom (although this wisdom is often ignored.)

4. Agencies take you out for lunch.

5. There is no one around on a Friday afternoon (god bless flexi-time!)

6. There is less staff turnover, so you might actually feel secure in the job.

7. And did I mention the pension?