PR Grouch: PR interviews questions from hell

I have been interviewing lately, and always make sure that I only ask sensible questions and don’t roll my eyes at some of the ridiculous answers I receive. Doing the interviews has reminded me of some of the horrible ones I have gone through, like one panel interview where I am convinced that one of the interviewers was asleep.

My PR insider was kind enough to send me this list of interview horror stories that PR professionals have shared. Please remember never to ask any of these questions yourself!

1. "If you were a tall Starbuck coffee, what flavour would you be and why?"

2. “We're going to do some role-play now. I’ll be playing Lalit Modi tweeting stuff about you!"

3. "So you just got married, when are you planning on a child?"

4. "When was the last time you got into an actual fight with somebody?"

5. "It's not on the job description, but would you please pick up my dry cleaning from time to time (I swear this has actually happened to me too!)?”

6. "You're quiet. Are you imagining us naked?"

7. "What's your attitude toward illegal drugs?"

8. "Your CV says you speak Greek. How much do you think your language skills are worth now?"

9. “What not married yet? Changed your Facebook pic to rainbow I see. Are you gay?"

10. "I expect you'll be wanting time off for religious holidays, am I right?"

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