PR Grouch tells us the signs that your agency/client relationship is over

Sometimes you just have to let go. But when do you know that your agency/client relationship is over?

Probably not one to repeat in front of the wife, but I've never had a problem splitting up. What’s the big deal?

We got together because there was something we liked about each other. Times moved on, we had (some) nice times and now it’s over. Good luck, peck on the cheek, swap email addresses, just in case things aren’t quite as green on the other side and on we go.

Simple. So I can never quite understand why the emotions run so high when clients dump agencies, or vice versa.

From an agency perspective, few things are as satisfying as dumping a client. It's definitely a better feeling than winning a pitch. Unfortunately, not being a particularly impressive PR, I've only dumped one client but I bet from client side it's great when you say to the agency:

"Yep thanks for flogging your guts out for us. Much appreciated. See ya"

Here are some signs the client/agency relationship is over:
1. You realise that the client's products really are as shite as the journo claims

2. When you do communicate, it ends in a fight

3. You never talk any more – they avoid your calls and never answer your emails

4. You begin to suspect they are seeing another PR agency and may even have started a relationship with them

5. You hear through the grapevine that they are putting you down. And you are tempted to do the same about them

6. You feel like rolling your eyes at everything they say

However, unlike other relationships, the key reason to drop a client is: They have stopped paying you.