PR Grouch: Who are the five worst PR clients?

All clients are a challenge, and some are plain impossible. However, I thank my stars there are some brands I don’t have to deal with. So until things get really difficult, or the wife gets a DLF emporio habit, here are a few brands that I hope I won’t ever have to work for.

  1. The BJP. For the last one year you got through the day knowing Modi and his 56-inch chest is between you and bad PR. And then one day – the Sangh Parivar speaks up. Suddenly the crazies are mainstream! That’s one tough sell, even if you are Sambit Patra.
  2. Weight loss clinics. Trying to make shady weight loss “ therapies” , look good is just plain impossible.
  3. Loan recovery companies. Enough said. Plenty of headlines though!
  4. NAFED. I'm just not sure what I could say!
  5. Telecom operators. No matter how hard you try – you will never be loved.

However, if there are any champagne and fine-dining businesses looking for an enthusiastic champion out there, I’m their man!

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