Should you work agency or client side?

There are some people in my office who, frankly, aren’t meant to work with other people. Not only are their personal habits disgusting (I have mentioned my boss and her bare feet in the office before), but they are just too evil, socially inept or boring to work in a team.

That aside, for those of us who are brilliant with people, have great communication skills and the looks to succeed in PR (plus a lack of modesty), the question is should we work in-house or in an agency? Or even start up our own business? Take my quiz to find out.

When do you plan to retire?

a) As soon as I can, I have killed myself doing this job. That is why a good pension scheme is a must.

b) When the time is right, but I may do some part-time or freelance work to supplement my income and keep my hand in.

c) Never. What would I do if I wasn’t working?

How do you handle stress?

a) Stress is bad for you, best avoided. It’s bad enough having to deal with the traffic getting to work, I’m done in by the time I get there.

b) I find some stress brings out the best in me.

c) Can’t get enough of it. I love working through the night to meet a tight deadline.

What is your ideal office environment?

a) A well-equipped building, with plenty of technical support and a calm atmosphere.

b) Bright, exciting and fun.

c) I don’t care what the office is like, as long as I have a computer and my mobile, I’m happy.

How often do you like to socialise with colleagues?

a) Not too often, I get enough of them at work.

b) I think it’s important to go out with my colleagues when I can, that’s when we get to know each other.

c) I prefer to go out with clients.

What do you think of appraisal systems?

a) They are a vital part of working life.

b) Fine, as long as they are simple and quick.

c) Complete waste of time.


Mostly A: You’d be wasted in an agency, client life is perfect for you, but pick an industry that isn‘t too dynamic or you may have to wake up. 
Mostly B: You’d enjoy getting wasted in an agency. But don’t forget to do some work sometimes. 
Mostly C: You must work for yourself. You are insufferable as a colleague.

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