Strange client requests

We all love our clients (well, most of the time), but there are times when they ask for the most stupid things.

The kind people at PR agency Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry, who work in the technology world where trade shows are a big part of the annual marketing effort, reveal some of the stupid requests they have heard over the years:

“We took some clients to a night club in Vegas. When we sat down I said: ‘What can I get you?’ meaning drinks-wise. One of them, an Argentinian reseller complete with pony tail and wearing sunglasses (at night, and in a darkened room), responded: ‘A blonde.’

“I had a client who was so particular that her assistant instructed me to go to the hotel where she (the client) would be staying while on a media tour so that I could inspect the room and test the towels to make sure they were fluffy enough, but not too fluffy.”

“I was once asked by a spokesperson to track down and destroy all 4,000 copies of a magazine at a trade show which didn’t paint him in a favourable light.”

“I was invited to sumo wrestle a client in a piano bar – I won despite there being a sizeable mismatch in weight.”

“A client asked me to circle on a map how far it was to walk from one stand to another because they were too lazy to read booth numbers.”

“The morning of a trade show, the client decided that they wanted to give out mini bottles of Moet champagne to editors, leading me on a wild-goose chase around Amsterdam.”

“I was asked by a client to rate the attractiveness of the ‘booth babes’ across the aisle during a major trade show. It being Super Bowl weekend in the US, the booth babes were wearing cheerleader costumes. Naturally”.

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