‘Ten reasons why agencies annoy me’ from PR Grouch Freelancer

I love my job, or rather I love my work. As a freelancer, I get the chance to work on a wide range of campaigns for a diverse array of clients. So far so great.

But, and there has to be a but, sometimes PR agencies drive me mad!

Here’s how:

1. Late payment. Why does it take so long to pay my invoices? Why do I have to speak to a dozen people who claim that it isn’t their responsibility to process it? Or that my invoice has got lost by the courier? And how come no one tells you about the lost invoice till you call a dozen times.

2. Arranging unnecessary meetings. Please don’t make me sit through long meetings about jobs that may never materialise, unfortunately I don‘t get paid for listening to you droning on. And do you really need freelancers to tender for jobs? The tendering process is expensive enough for agencies; think how unaffordable it is for us freelancers...

3. Bad briefing. Please don’t brief me until you have decided exactly what you need. Having to rewrite a whole campaign because you have changed your mind is a waste of time for me, and a waste of money for you.

4. Lack of organisation. The days I have spent twiddling my thumbs in offices because of this. If you don’t need me, I have better things to do than sit in your office.

5. Rudeness. I don’t know why so many juniors in PR agencies think they are superior to me. But they obviously do, judging from their offhand treatment. I hope they don’t treat their office boy so badly.

6. Stupid changes. I have been working in this industry for a long time, and you pay me for my expertise. So don’t put in stupid changes or add reams of dull copy to make your mark. If you paid someone to do your portrait, would you then paint all over it yourself?

7. Cancellations at the last minute. I have had to move mountains to guarantee I am completely free for two weeks. Cancelling me on the day I am supposed to start is not fair.

8. Too short notice. I would love to have worked on your campaign, but if I only hear about it the day before then it’s likely I won’t be free. Don’t shout at me if I‘m not available, it isn’t me who is disorganised.

9. Being cheap. I charge a reasonable rate for my work. Don’t try to get me on the cheap. It’s insulting. How would you like to have your salary cut in half?

10. Not knowing how big the job is. When you book me in for a few days and then need me for weeks, chances are I won’t be available to finish the job.

Please note: PR Grouch is in Goa this week away from chilly Delhi - so PR Grouch Freelancer thought she'd have a go!

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