Ten things every PR office must have

I have worked in a few PR firms over the years, and apart from making me do too much work for too little pay, I have noticed they all share a few other similarities.

Here is a list of ten things you find in every PR firm:

1. Office hottie. Wherever I have worked there has always been plenty of eye candy. I just wish I was one of the gorgeous ones.

2. Old person. The person who has been working in PR, for like, forever. I feel that I am getting there, but compared to the sage, old guy in the corner, I am enjoying the first flush of youth.

3. Chrome coffee machine. It looks state of the art, but does coffee really need to be an art form?

4. Carpet tiles. One day I will be bored enough to have a chat to the office manager about the advantages of carpet tiles - until then, I just don’t get it. They look crap and they are definitely not cool but they remain de rigueur.

5. The drinker. There is always one person in the office you worry about because they take their partying just a little too seriously.

6. Health nut. Just as worrying as the office alcoholic is the office health freak. Doing that much exercise is bad for you, they are always nursing an injury from running marathons. Plus, they are always asking to be sponsored, and you look mean if you don’t cough up.

7. Printers that don’t work. There are always a few printers you can choose to send your documents to, but only one of them ever works. If you’re lucky.

8. Smells. There is always something stinky at work, whether it is a curry in the microwave, or the guy who doesn’t have great personal hygiene. I wish it was acceptable to wear a mask sometimes.

9. Windows that don’t open. Which idiot came up with this concept?

10. Office moaner. Yep, that’s me. You need someone to hate.

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