PR Grouch:The joke that was 2015!

Did you have a fun 2015? Neither did I.

Some people seemed to cheer up a bit for two weeks after the New Year, but fear not, I retained my pessimistic outlook in these last two weeks of January. Perhaps because unlike our team leads, I didn’t have a fancy home stay to go to!

Here’s a few reasons why 2015 was sh*t:

  1. Flat Retainers: It will never end. My incomings stay the same (fifth year in a row with no pay rise) while my outgoings rocket. And that’s before I’ve bought my kids the iPhone 6 S they want for Diwali.
  2. Climate change: The summer was crap and now the winter is just not cold enough. And we have the odd/even disaster( which you can’t complain too much about, because then you don’t care about the air! All the news about climate change is damn scary. I’m doing my bit though, I am still trying to share a ride, though I hate the person I carpool with!
  3. Tax avoidance: I can’t afford my tax bill, so it is galling to see rich corporations avoid tax. I tried to boycott capitalism but then Flipkart had this great deal! So I decided to boycott the boycott!
  4. Cricket blues: We just aren’t willing, are we.
  5. Startup India: It dragged on and on and dominated the news, and will probably change nothing.
  6. Politics: One word. Modi. Just goes to prove that having a majority is definitely NOT better.
  7. Intolerance: Need I say more. Wish I had a few awards to return though!

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