The most annoying jargon used in PR

Okay, I have done enough “thinking out of the box” (you may term it “blue-sky thinking”) for today, or daydreaming as I call it, now it is time to “hit the ground running” and do some proper work.

Or perhaps not.

Instead I think I’ll write a list of jargon I hear working in PR that drives me mad. Here you go:

“Reach out“, “ping” and touch base" 

These all basically mean the same thing. When did “speak to” become a taboo phrase?

“Strategically speaking”

Strategy is a great word, but unfortunately it is used far too much in PR and often in the wrong way. Not everything is a strategy, especially not some of the stupid ideas my clients come up with.

“Time management”

My boss doesn’t have “time management issues”, she just likes to be late.

“Square the circle”

I’ll square your circle by hitting you in the face with my laptop if you ever say that to me.

“110 per cent”

As in “I agree with you 110 per cent”. I suppose it’s not as bad as 200 per cent, or horrors, 1,000 per cent.

“Get into bed with”

Keep your mucky mind to yourself.

“Heads up”

I don’t want you to give me a heads up. If you’ve got something to tell me, just tell me.

“Core competency”

When I see the word “competencies” on a job description, I know it probably isn’t the job for me.


This word has too much leverage, that’s for sure.

“Drill down”

Give me the facts, you don‘t have to get out your mining equipment first!

Well that’s it from me. Here are another ten from London digital consultancy TVC:

“Low-hanging fruit”

“Ducks in a row”



“Bites of the cherry”

“Amazing” – why is EVERYTHING “amazing”?



“Push back”

Last but not least, it’s not slang but why do people sign off their emails with their initial?

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