The secret secrets of PR success

How can you boast, flirt and pretend your way to the top? Doesn’t it annoy you when the bad guys win?

But don’t get angry; take a leaf out of their book!

You don’t always have to be pleasant to succeed in PR.

Here are some other tactics that can help you get ahead:


This is the best way to spread good news about yourself, and bad news about your enemies. If you're really good at this you could even become a politician.

Work long hours

I don’t mean “work” long hours, just stay in the office late. Be the first in and the last out, you don’t have to do that much when you’re there. Just give the impression you are killing yourself for your job. Bosses like that. 

Take credit

Make sure that when good work is happening in your agency, that your name is associated with it. Loud shrieks of delight when a bit of coverage comes in - you know the form...

Be openly ambitious

Open ambition is not always seen as being very “Indian” but as far as I can see there is a direct correlation between being ambitious and the amount of money you earn. Put it this way - do you know anyone who's been given a pay rise for being modest?

Stitch people up

Sometimes the shit hits the fan, and when it does, make sure you don’t get the blame.


People love a bit of flattery. Give ‘em what they want. I am just talking words here, not deeds, that’s a whole different story...

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