Things you can never say in PR

The good news is that a struggling sun has decided to appear after two days of solid fog. The bad news is that one of my colleagues is oblivious to the fact that when he takes off the layers of clothes and extra socks, he stinks. And no one can bring themselves to tell him.

We may work in the communications industry, but when it comes to revealing certain truths, we go mute.

So, be aware, if any of the following apply to you, no one is going to tell you (unless they are VERY drunk):

1. Your teeth look rotten. In PR, being presentable is part of the job. Decaying teeth are not a good look. Anyone tried teeth whitening by the way?

2. Your voice is grating. It's difficult to feel sorry for people with an annoying voice, but PR is not a good career choice if you sound dreadful when you speak. You may wonder why you never get to asked to do presentations or interviews. This could be why.

3. Your personal hygiene is appalling. Bad breath and body odour is not acceptable in PR (mind you, what industry is it okay in?).

4. Your clothes are too tight. Lots of people in our industry are podgy (we are fast becoming a nation of fatties, after all), but if you wear clothes that are too small it only makes you look self-deluded as well as fat.

5. Your politics stink. When you rant on about political beliefs, people don't contradict you because they don't want to get into a fight. But they secretly think you are mad. It's much better to keep your politics to yourself in PR, or you will soon find no one returns your calls. Keep your views for the ridiculous political rallies you go to.

6. Your children are ghastly. Please don't bring them into work anymore.

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