Top tips for recovering from a nightmare journalist sell in

Oh no, pass the handkerchief! The young PRO sitting opposite me has just had her first traumatic phone call with a journalist.

I heard her briefing the news room of a well-known newswire when half way through her pitch she went silent and quickly put the phone down. I asked her what the journalist had said and she replied: “Don't ever call me, ever again."

"Welcome on board", I said to the (very nice) girl. Before reassuring her that the journalist is always like that, and that he has an odour problem.

We all have our own stories to tell about press sell ins that go wrong.

So here are a few tips for recovering after an awful press briefing:

1. Imagine the journalist in their underwear. It helps you get their power in perspective, they are only human, even if they look like some sort of creature from a horror movie. 

2. Don’t cry in public, you must try and make it to the loo.

3. We all make mistakes, so if it’s your fault then don’t beat yourself up about it. But if it’s the client’s fault then slag them off to everyone in the office. But not to the press perhaps.

4. Write a mental list of all the great press briefings you have given. If you haven’t ever given any, then perhaps you ARE rubbish. Time to move job?

5. Last, but by no means least, have a stiff drink. And then have several more