What are the worst excuses in PR?

It happens to us all. We get sick, the driver doesn’t turn up and we need to go to the dentist. But, when you use these events as excuses to explain why you haven’t turned up to work, everyone is going to assume that you are lying.

In order not to raise suspicion, some people make up awful excuses that it would be rude to question. For example, family tragedies. These people are beyond contempt. Another tactic is to have a physical complaint that is too embarrassing for others to ask about. Women tend to be better at this, as the word “that time of the month” usually shuts most people up.

These excuses, even if true, are not worth bothering with:

What you say

What we hear

”The metro was cancelled”

“I overslept” (Though this could actually happen!)

“The barrier at the Gurgaon toll fell on my car”

“I overslept and then slept in a bit more”

“I need to take the morning off for dental work.”

 “I have an interview”

“I have distant relative’s funeral to go to”

“I have a very important interview”

“I am tied up in a client review”

“I don’t want to see you”

“I am sick”

“I’m taking the day off”

“I put the wrong date in my diary”

“I never put the date in my diary”

“I just need to check when the white paper is due”

“I’m definitely not coming”

“I will get back to you on that”

“The answer is no”

“I’d love to come, but it’s my turn to attend the PTA meeting”

 “I‘d rather stick pins in my eyes than attend”

“My email system went down”

“I deleted your email”

“My computer crashed and I lost the work”

“I never did the work”