Which is the dullest PR sector to work in?

Sometimes press releases almost write themselves. A consumer client (Oh, I wish I worked for Coca-Cola!) has done some brilliant stunts that have generated worldwide acclaim – journalists are clamouring for all the details.

And then there are the other press releases, where you decide you would rather wash up all the office mugs, than start writing them. Some sectors are dull, dull, dull – but which is the worst?

Here are a few that get my vote for tedium, but feel free to tell me if I have missed any out.

The public sector: 
Not only is the subject matter dreary in many government departments, if you do manage to find an interesting angle, some pen pusher is bound to find it too “controversial”.

Anything to do with Tax:  
I just don’t get it. It’s bad enough I have to pay it.

Banking and investment: 
Money is great to spend, but awful to write about.

Public Health:
Trust me – no one wants to know about TB and Malaria or how India has the largest number of patients worldwide for this disease. Bored already, are you?

Construction Business and Material:

Try getting reporters interested in the latest waterproof paint!

There may be some hope here - it seems even B2B trade mags are finally working out that B2B news is dull!

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