Why PR people are good in bed

I have just been reading a manual about “pleasing your partner”, not because I need any tips, but because I am doing some research for a client (don’t ask). And then I realised I could write a book like this myself!

Because the skills you need in a PR office are pretty useful in a bedroom too.

Here are a few:

Listening skills

If you want to woo your partner you have to listen to them properly. Although I do zone out when my girlfriend talks about meeting her entire family.

Communication skills

Listening is just the first step. You have to say interesting stuff yourself too. Luckily PR is all about this, although I find talking about Google analytics never gets my wife super excited.

Knowing how to pitch

Being good at pitching to journalists and clients means knowing how to put on a good show. A bit like a peacock. Peacocks go all out to win over their partners, and this is the first step to seduction.

Engagement strategies

I am not talking about going down on one knee with a ring in your hand (although this is often a winner), I am talking about engaging your audience, like you are supposed to do on Twitter (most people fail at this). Sadly, my wife prefers to engage with House and George Clooney wedding pictures than with me.

Wining and dining

PR people know the best and coolest places to go. Well they should do. Don’t stick to the cheapest options on the menu, I find champagne is the best aphrodisiac.

Answering the brief

First rule of pleasing anyone: give them what they want!

Putting up shelves

Okay, this isn’t something I have had to do much in my PR job (just the once after a shelf fell down and nearly knocked me unconscious), but I find my wife always gets excited when I do a bit of home improvement.

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