PR Grouch: Why the world needs PR

Do you feel guilty working in PR? Well stop right now! There’s no need to bleat on about the work you do for charity, or how much you recycle. You might not think I am the most appropriate person to discuss the worth of PR, and you’d be right. But I have met many other people in this business who are, dare I say it, pretty decent.

Even I, with my dubious morals, have never actually killed anyone or harmed them deliberately. That bout of food poisoning everyone suffered after my recent dinner party was a terrible accident. I try not to breathe my smoke on anyone, I never drink drive and I was even a vegetarian, briefly. But enough of me polishing my halo. What about yours?

Here’s why you should stand up and be proud to work in PR:

  1. We entertain. Without PR what would people read in Delhi Times? Uplifting campaigns! Boring!
  2. We help people’s self esteem. Journalists have a terrible life and earn a pittance. They need to feel superior to PROs to feel good about themselves.
  3. We give a voice to those too timid to speak for themselves. Shame we can’t shut up those who aren’t. Can someone please pass a gag to KRK. And the Sangh Parivar hardliners.
  4. We provide value for money. We help make our clients increase their profits considerably, yet charge little for our efforts. But I would happily put my rates up, if everyone else was willing to.
  5. We are role models. For example, we definitely dress better than most other professions.
  6. We support people who could never get a job elsewhere. Why is everyone looking at me?

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