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2023 Newspaper Visibility Ranking: Adani, Google, Apple, Air India Lead - Exclusive Impact Research & Measurement Report

Which companies received the maximum headlines in 2023? PRmoment India joined hands with Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd. (IRMPL) to find out.

Using AI, Impact analyzed the top companies that made headlines on the front pages of English newspapers in Delhi during the year 2023. Over 60,000 headlines covering over 1100 companies were analyzed from January to December 2023, only front-page headlines were considered.

Notably, most of the top five corporations received media attention primarily due to legal or regulatory obstacles

Here are the full results.

Adani, Reliance, Apple top newspaper headlines in 2023 

Out of 1,123 companies that were featured on the front pages of newspapers in 2023, the Adani Group received the highest visibility in two categories: 

(i) The most number of headline stories, totalling 944.

(ii) Appearing on maximum unique days, with front page headline coverage spanning 221 days throughout the year.

Other companies that were in headline stories for over 100 days in 2023 included Google, Air India, Apple, and Reliance Industries. 

Take a look at the top 15 companies overall below:

Source: Impact Measurement Report

Notably, the leading five corporations received media attention primarily due to legal or regulatory obstacles, as well as financial difficulties, with only Apple's tone being positive and attributed to a rise in iPhone sales in India. 

Adani Group’s dominance was primarily driven by Hindenburg Research Report on its stocks and the subsequent Supreme Court hearing. This led to a significant uproar in India, with political implications and accusations of accounting fraud and stock manipulation.

The report also highlights the news narratives surrounding other leading companies. Google for Android antitrust case; Go First for its revival plan; Air India for its pilots’ cockpit socialization and peeing incident; Byjus for its valuation and Aakash IPO; Apple for iPhone sales boosting India revenue; BBC for its documentary on Gujarat riots; RIL for fundraising, financials and succession planning; X (formerly Twitter) for its transformation under Elon Musk’s regime and blue tick subscription plan; Vedanta for Foxconn pulling out semiconductor JV; TCS for share buyback plan, financial results and appointment of Krithivasan as new CEO; SBI for its plan to raise money via bonds and financial results; IndiGo for incidents like flight diversions and passengers opening emergency exit doors; Vi for equity conversion, dues clearance and financial results

Impact then zoomed in on Delhi business papers to arrive at the top 10 most visible companies in 2023:

Source: Impact Measurement Report

Leaders in English Business Newspapers

As per the table above, The Adani Group maintained its dominant position in the realm of English business newspapers, but BBC and X (formerly Twitter) failed to secure a spot in this list. 

Advancements in visibility rankings were seen by Byjus, moving from #5 to #2 (mainly due to its regulatory filing tax issues); Apple, climbing one position to #5; Reliance Industries, advancing to #6 from #8; Vedanta, ascending to #7 from #10; TCS, moving to #8 from #11; and SBI, reaching #10 from #12. 

However, companies such as Google, Go First, and Air India experienced a decline in their visibility rankings. In terms of media coverage, these companies' narratives remained largely consistent ( anti-trust case, revival plan and passenger/pilot misbehaviour), 

However Air India, also received attention for its plans to merge with Vistara, implementation of a new pay structure, and expansion of its fleet by acquiring more planes.

The data was also separated to look at English mainline (mainstream) newspapers in Delhi.

Leaders in English Mainline Newspapers

Once again, the Adani Group emerged as the top contender with 357 headline stories. BBC, X (formerly Twitter), Hindenburg, and IndiGo secured their positions on this list, displacing Byjus, Reliance Industries, Vedanta, and TCS, who were in the leaders’ list of English business newspapers. 

Apple made headlines primarily for a snooping controversy while SBI gained attention for its financial results and the exchange of Rs 2000 notes. 

Source: Impact Measurement Report

Legal challenges, regulatory hurdles, shaped 2023 business headlines

This study sheds light on the dynamic landscape of corporate media coverage on the front pages of Delhi's English newspapers. It highlights how legal challenges, regulatory hurdles, and strategic corporate moves shape the headlines, offering a window into the intricate world of business affairs. As we reflect on the past year's media narratives, it becomes evident that the interplay of legal, financial, and operational dynamics significantly shaped the public image of these top companies.

While numerous companies enjoyed prominent placement on the front pages, their visibility often stemmed from unfavourable circumstances. Many might have wished to avoid such a spotlight on the front pages altogether. All this underscores the importance of effective media and public relations strategies to manage and leverage their public image, particularly in times of controversy or crisis.

How the data was analyzed 

The research was led by Vikrant Tripathi (Manager – Research), Sumayya Firasat (Manager – Research) and Durgesh Garg (VP – Operations) at Impact Research & Measurement Pvt. Ltd. (IRMPL).

They analyzed the top companies that made headlines on the front pages of English print newspapers in Delhi during the year 2023. This study examined the number of headlines received by each company and the key factors that influenced their media presence. To identify these companies, Impact utilized a two-step process.

Firstly, over 60,000 headlines were processed through an AI/ML model to extract the names of companies mentioned in each one. Then, the Impact analyst team carefully reviewed the ML output to ensure accuracy and made necessary adjustments. 

The final results were used to compile this report, identifying a total of 1,123 companies that were featured on the front pages of newspapers in 2023.

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