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Chandrayaan 3: PR pros pick their favourite brand PR moments on India's Lunar Mission

The historic Chandrayaan 3 landing on the South Pole of the moon last week, let loose a flood of moment marketing with brands capitalising on the space exploration milestone.  

PRmoment India picks some of the favourites by PR pros as well as showcases how PR firms showed their pride. 

PR Hits on Chandrayaan 3 

Not surprisingly, It's Amul all the way for most PR pros. Bhaskar Mazumdar from Egis, senior communications consultant Mou Chakravorty, American Express's Shreya Sabharwal and DPNC Global's Tilak Chowdhury. Check out the 'over the moon, Amul creatives:

Auspicious sweets when you are over the moon!

Communication leader, Kavita Lakhani, picked travel firm ixigo for its imaginative rendering of what a trip to the moon would look like:

Roma Balwani, CEO-IDCA's, says her favourite Chandrayaan 3 post was, "Brand Anand Mahindra on Twitter, now X,  on his reply to BBC news!" Check out what Mahindra, well known for his viral posts on X, formerly Twitter, had to say to a BBC reporter critiquing the money spent on Chandrayaan 3.

This is what the BBC anchor said:

And this was the sharp riposte by Mahindra:

Some old fashioned outdoor advertising with Magicpin 

And the hyperlocal e-commerce brand, Magicpin, changed it 50 foot tall signage in honour of the moon landing, and also offered discounts in keeping with the cost effective budget for the lunar mission.:

Check out the signage below:

Magicpin signage at IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon

Is highlighting the mission cost good or bad PR?

The cost, of the Chandrayaan 3 mission at 75 million, less than half of the budget for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar movie astounded netizens, including Elon Musk. At the same, entrepreneur Alok Kejriwal , co-founder, Games2Win, felt its a mistake to highlight the cost advantage of Chandrayaan. Kejriwal, leveraged his brand as truth speaker on business, and had this to say, "Once again, the low cost of Chandrayaan-3 is being highlighted by comparing it to movies. At nearly $75 million, it is cheaper than the 2014 sci-fi movie 'Interstellar' and even the recent Bollywood movie 'Adipurush' which cost slightly more than the mission. The frugality of India's space odyssey has become the talk of the world. How does Indian Space manage to keep the costs so low?" (from  ET)Why? 

Let's shout out loud about the capability, tech, engineering and mastery of science that India has achieved to do the World's FIRST landing vs "we did it cheaper." When costs become the top USP, the deeper layers of value creation get obfuscated."

My own personal favourite is Zomato, whose social media and notification game is strong. Perhaps, its the modern day Amul. Not only did they have a bunch of fun creatives, Zomato also sent several sweet alerts from the app, one that even linked to the live telecast from ISRO. Truly on point. The best of the creatives is this one, on the brand promise and yet doesn't overshadow Chandrayaan 3:

PR firms celebrate Chandrayaan 3

Genesis BCW was among the first off the block with this post:

Adfactors PR honoured the hard work and dedication that achieved the moon landing:

On Purpose neatly combined their brand promise of purpose with the moon shot:

Kaizzen played around with the word Chandrayaan to deliver this homage

V 360 group capitalised on an old Hindi couplet for this sweet creative

This is what MSL had to say, expressing the pride of all Indians!

This is how Indian brands and PR firms celebrated a momentous milestone.

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