Continuing with 1 Minute Marketing with NAVIC, how to use Ai Writer for Copywriting and referencing

Twice a month, PRmoment will showcase tools across the PR & marketing eco-system reviewed by Jai Bahal, founder NAVIC Learn. This 1 Minute Marketing column, hopefully, will help make the communicators' job just a little bit easier. This week's column takes a look at copywriting and referencing tool, Ai Writer. 

This week’s tool: Ai Writer

Subject: Copywriting and referencing

It happens often.

“I just can’t! It’s been 3 days. I just don’t know how to write this authored article. I don’t even know where to start. Think I’ll just CTRL C + CTRL V some stuff and hope for the best.”

Our industry, like other marketing functions, has a specific love/hate relationship with writing. There are some who bang out press release after press release like an assembly line. And then there are a lot us who have trouble in researching, finding a voice and writing original and relatable content. Personally, even the idea of writing this piece was meta since I didn’t know what tool we should discuss this week. Then I remembered by old friend – Ai Writer.

Ai Writer

To be clear, this tool is not going to write for you.

But it does. A little. Sometimes.

Let me explain.

Been using this tool for about 4 months now and it has 3 specific use-cases.

1. It can produce a starting point for anyone with temporary writer’s block.

2. It helps in research which can ultimately guide you to write your piece

3. Changing the tone and voice of the article with Text Rewording feature

AI Writer works on the premise of scraping and rebuilding. Essentially capturing the essence of the input (subject you want to write about), scanning publicly available web pages with the right keyword combinations, aligning them (based on it’s internal AI engine), rewording and restructuring the piece to remove any plagiarism and voila.

An important part to mention about this tool is that it gives you great reference links. Each cited source leads you back to the original piece which may provide more context for the end goal. Personally, I use this more than the auto writing feature.

1 minute process

1. Visit AiWriter

2. Create a free account – You get about 7 days of membership and 12 free articles

3. Once signed in, frame the subject of your essay/authored article in 10 words or less

4. Depending on how many times you use it and your internet connection, give it a couple minutes

5. Your 500-600 word article is ready

Happy ‘writing’!

Stay curious. Stay Secure.

See you next time.

Jai Bahal, is founder of NAVICLearn and aims to educate, inform and train students, professionals and entrepreneurs about the future of marketing & communications.

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