Introducing 1 Minute Marketing with NAVIC, first up how to do a quick Twitter audit on your influencer's profile

Starting this week, twice a month PRmoment will showcase tools across the PR & marketing eco-system reviewed by Jai Bahal, founder NAVIC Learn. This 1 Minute Marketing column, hopefully, will help make the communicators' job just a little bit easier.

This week's tool: TwitterAudit

Subject: Influencer Marketing

Ever had an influencer list presented to you by an agency or media kit? Those numbers seem to be magical. 50000 followers? WOAH. 5% engagement? OHMYGERD!

For some context, you can get Twitter followers in 3 primary ways:
1. The hard way: Make good original content + Get influential Twitter users to mention, RT and engage with your profile to increase visibility
2. The expensive slightly-less hard way: Run a follower campaign based on interests, keywords and geographic/demographic targeting. The conversion rate per Twitter follower is between INR 20 and INR 100 basis segmentations and filters

3. The cheap, easy and shady way: Get a bot army to subscribe to you. These are empty/old or automated profiles. Usually about a rupee a pop.

In India, all 3 are used. No 3 is used much more than you’d realise. There are even some court cases against celebrities around fake followers.

So how do you, the marketer, run a basic quality check for Twitter influencers?


A basic auditing tool that allows anyone to check how many real vs inactive/bot/fake followers ANY TWITTER USER has as of the time of audit. It’s pretty simple to use and though the free version doesn’t give you absolutely up-to-date data, it gets pretty close.

1 minute process

1. Create a secondary Twitter handle (You should do this anyway)

2. Visit TwitterAudit

3. Enter the Twitter handle you’d like to scan

4. Authorise the process with your secondary handle

5. You’re done

Here are a couple examples 

Be curious. Be safe.

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