Is your PR team happy?

PR firms are going beyond team lunches to make sure they have a happy office.

The pundits say that one must find the work you love to do and well- life is sorted. But, much as you may love the joys of PR, there will be days (I guarantee it!), when talking to yet another irritated journalist and dealing with one more client crisis will make you wonder about the meaning of your PR life.

Which is why PR companies are trying to make like at office more fun!

Cake, facials and Secret Santa!

Independent PR firm, Nucleus PR, pulls out all stops for birthdays, mixed with a healthy dose of hiking, secret Santa gifts and team outings.

Nucleus PR, managing director, Tarunjeet Rattan’s recipe for a happy team is, “Special days, group meditation, festivals and sometimes just surprise innovative crazy stuff on social media that keeps the interest and bond alive. We spend more than nine hours and sometimes more in office with our colleagues. The workspace should be fun and relaxing that encourages creativity and better work quality. You should ‘want’ to be at work vs. ‘have’ to be at work.”


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