The secret other lives of PR pros!

Away from the world of press releases, grumpy journalists, building reputations and learning the nuances of integrated PR, communications professionals have another life. Things that make their souls sing and make their PR work infinitely better.

Here are their stories.

Anuj Bakshi, senior account manager, Adfactors PR, urban gardener

Come early morning and Anuj Bakshi can be found searching for the proverbial worm in his very green corner.

Says Anuj Bakshi, “ In my urban terrace garden, I have nurtured over 50 unique variety of cactus over the last two decades. The pure perseverance of a cactus plant is an inspiration I draw and like to emulate in my life.”

Adds Bakshi, “Over and above, the early morning toiling in the garden keeps me fit.”

Bakshi says making his garden grow has taught him many lessons he applies to his day job. He advises, “The most important lesson to earn from gardening is perseverance. It takes close to a year’s work and patience to garner the results of the toil in the form of a beautiful bloom. Any lapse on that part does have catastrophic results, be it for the life of a plant or a campaign that we carry out.”

Essential PR tip from gardening

“Be an early riser. The PR Lesson? Early morning head-start definitely sets the tone for a good day”

Mou Chakravorty, brand and communications professional , The Singer

In the stressful world of PR, Mou Chakravorty has found her own little corner of heaven. Singing and listening to the maestros make music is what helps her destress. She religiously performs Riyaaz and takes part in public concerts.

Essential work-life balance tip

“In the digital world, where work has penetrated our personal lives completely, the only way to keep a balance is to detach from your core profession and rather pursue an alternative activity or art form that enriches your soul to regain energies and ultimately deliver your best version.



Divya Kurup, senior manager, PR & corporate communications, Gozoop, giving volunteer 

Divya Kurup is closely associated with 1SmallStep Foundation-an organization involved in giving.
Kurup shares that, “This helps me to keep a balance between our mad-rush to fulfil our ambition and the act of giving to people less fortune than ourselves. It brings sense of happiness, compassion and there is nothing greater to understand just how much we have to be grateful for.”

Essential PR Tip from giving

“Integrity, kindness and moral courage is the most valued possession that I practise under all circumstances.”

Parakram Hazarika, account manager, Adfactors PR, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance

A PR professional on weekdays, a motorcycle traveller by weekends and storyteller at Motorcycle Tales ( is how Parakram Hazarika describes himself.

“When I am riding, am always keen to know other peoples stories and mostly these stories inspire me because out there, there are so many people who are doing some really wonderful, differentiated work. I come back a rich man," explains Hazarika.

Work life balance pro tip

“There is nothing called work-life balance. There will be days when work will take a toll on us. You just need to find things that counter the pressure and demands of work life and help you remain balances. For me, it is riding to new places. So - Save up. Plan leaves. Travel more. Repeat – yes, it works. Been following this mantra for quite a long time and yes it keeps this bald Assamese man happy!”

Rishi Bammi, PR consultant, Renaissance PR, The model and actor

Says Rishi Bammi, “Modelling, anchoring, acting is equally essential to my life as these hobbies give me that kick in life. So yes every industry is competitive, and  cut-throat but a person's conviction and hard work definitely take you a long way. “

Life lessons from anchoring

“Always try your best to be fit  and well-groomed as being presentable & influential is also equally vital. “

Glen Lobo, Adfactors PR, musician

“Nothing can diminish my passion towards music. I am guitarist, drummer, keyboard player and now learning the harmonica," declares Glen Lobo!

What music has taught me about PR

“Staying calm! Whatever the situation, there’s always a solution, it just takes a bit of efforts. For example: I was performing a live-show at an event where the guests were Spanish corporate delegates, when one of them demanded I sing a Spanish song for them. Knowing little about Spanish pronunciation, I still sang just 2 lines of the song ‘Volare’ and the rest was just music. The guest were so happy and taken up by the effort, they requested to join them for dinner later that night.This really motivated me to always put in my best effort at what I do, and use the same lesson in my PR life.” 

Deepak Kapoor, founder, The Commune, networking evangelist


Deepak Kapoor wanted to do something to connect a bunch of marketing, advertising and PR folks beyond the world of online groups. So he came up with ‘The Commune’ to help bridge the awareness gap between different industries such as advertising, digital marketing, media planning, journalism and PR.

Kapoor says that he wants the interaction to be fun and cool, which is why, “ As part of this forum, curate and conceptualise unique events such as our flagship ‘Industry Roast,' tete-a-tete with prominent personalities to industry parties for the fraternity.” 

Nandita Ghoshal,  senior account director, Value 360 communication, Stand Up Comic

PR life can be down right hilarious! Which is why Nandita Ghoshal choses to pursue her passion for stand up comedy along with her PR job.

“I performed in many stand up platforms in NCR like the Canvas Laugh Club,  MTV Social Lounge,  and Akshara theatre to name few. Whenever I get time, I do perform. At senior level, I have a lot of responsibilities but I always make my colleague laugh whenever I get time. I m stress buster for them  I always have one act in office parties / annual functions," says  Ghoshal.

She signs off by saying, “I believe that laughter is the best medicine and I make sure I am giving this stress-free medicine to everyone!”

Anand Mahesh Talari, managing director, Mavcomm Consulting, painter

Cooking, brave and finger painting is what gets Anand Mahesh Talari going way from PR. Says Talari, “ It's no secret that PR life and especially as an entrepreneur is really stressful. Therefore the life beyond work is extremely important for me to re-energise and vitalise. My hobbies beyond work are to try and pick up new skills like Finger Painting. I did a workshop recently and really loved it.”

What painting taught me about PR

“Finger Painting is all about concentration and attention to detail which has helped me when I review documents put together by team.”

Work-Life  Balance Pro Tip

“Like Facebook, there have to be settings that you use for yourself. Who all will you be available to and till what time and for what reasons. Make these known to everyone so that they respect the boundaries. I also believe in the maxim of say No when you want to say No. “

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