What's your mask style? PR professionals share their top mask swag

Every decade has its defining moment with clothing accessories and for 2020s it probably is the mask! Masks are deeply familiar to Indians as they are frequently used in our dance and drama performances. It's also a political statement. Former Prime Minister Vajpayee was famously called a 'Mukhota' (mask in Hindi) by RSS idealogue KN Govindacharya implying that Vajpayee was a leader in name only.

Masks as personal swag 

Today Covid-19 has made masks a style statement, an expression of who you are, the face people meet first. 

According to designer Siddhant Agrawal, "Masks have become the new canvas for designers and artists to experiment, with a variety of different trends already flooding the market be it printed masks, color blocks, embellished masks, or graphics flamboyant masks. 

Therefore, designer masks are an undeniably eye-catching fashion element, and for events and special occasions, embellished masks are the most recommended considering the festivals and weddings around. All fulfilling the same purpose of safety and fashion."

Siddhant Agrawal demonstrates how to set up masks for fashion

PR pros and mask styles 

Inspired by the various mask trends PRmoment asked communication professionals what is their personal mask style. This is what they had to say.

Mehak Angoothiwala, account executive with Kaizzen says, "There’s no denying that masks are the first line of defence against COVID-19, but we must ensure our mask choices don’t affect us and our environment."

Which is why she uses reversible, washable cotton masks, "A brand I buy masks from is Kattran India, a sustainable and ethical women owned small business that swears by no plastic packaging. It is based out of Sonipat, Haryana by Amulya Chitkara—a close friend for over a decade."

Sunny on Ghodbunder Road in Thane.

Sunny Suryavanshi's balaclava style masks cause quite a stir when he steps out. Says Suryavanshi, "Thanks to Hollywood, Bollywood and OTT the mask that I wear is popularized as a robber's mask which is used to hide the identity when they do a money heist!"

But, of course, the realisation soon dawns that its due to Covid-19. Suryavanshi, PR Manager - Carmine Communications LLP, usually picks his masks online or from motorcycle accessory shops  at Lamington Road in South Mumbai, Bandra and Andheri in the suburbs and Mira Road.

His message to anti-maskers, "Just like a helmet is a must while riding any two-wheeler a mask can save you, your friends, family members and others around you from being infected and spreading the virus."

Rahul Prabhakar, co-founder, Review Media, likes to keep things simple. His style choice is to dress dapper and subtle, therefore he picks " Shades of grey, black or blue mask never goes out of style and also looks vintage and classy."

Rahul says," Superheroes wear masks - wear a mask. Be a hero

Moumita Majumdar, account manager, Ruder Finn India made a conscious choice this year to switch to sustainable and slow fashion.

She elaborates that, "Naturally, my masks had to reflect the same. I use reusable and washable masks, some of which are double sided so that I can use less masks but have multiple variations. I also like colourful and printed and patterned masks over plain ones and tend to match/contrast them with what I wear. It has become an integral part of our wardrobe now, so why not accessorize it fashionably?"

Moumita with her reversible mask from Khadi

Shruthi Bopaiah, head of marketing and communications, Bridgeweave Ltd. believes in expressing her love for animals, "My mask from the time Covid-19 began has had paw prints on it -so, with the mask on I'm letting everyone know I'm a big dog-lover and I find it so funky to wear masks like these #funkymasks ."

Adds Bopaiah, "Also, this particular paw prints mask , a percentage of the money when we buy these are going for upkeep of #Indies ( street dogs) in Bangalore. When people see masks like this they want to know where it's from and this in turn helps the cause."

Shruthi with her paw print mask from @crazydogladyprojects

Puneet Gupta, general manager – corporate communications, INOX Leisure Ltd. shares that , "I have always preferred masks which are simple and soothing, as far as the feel is concerned. I personally prefer solids as far as color is concerned, with decent options in light and dark colors, according to the outfit of the day. If I have to pick one color, it has to be white.”

Puneet with his mask style at the INOX office in Mumbai

For Radha  Radhakrishnan, global head - corporate communications, Wipro Enterprises, "Wearing a mask is my personal mood statement. Apart from the fact that I ensure the mask meets all self protection safety standards, the colours and designs reflect my mood of the day. For instance, plain and pastel colours when I am in a sombre mood and printed and bright colours when I am very happy."

Radha with her range of masks

There you have it, wear a mask, be a hero. Save your lives and those of others.

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