You tell us your PR pet hates!

Much as we all love PR, there are parts of a PR job that you just wish would disappear! So we indulged in some daydreaming and asked around what bits of PR you could fire if you had the power. The answers are interesting, to say the least.

Unreasonable client expectations.
Richa Seth, senior account manager at Adfactors PR,wishes she could do away with unreasonable media coverage expectations from clients. She says, “ There are things beyond our control. Gone are the days of wining and dining journalists, such things don’t exist today. Clients need to understand that if there is no story, we cannot generate one, just because we are supposed to know the journalists.”

Richa Seth says they can’t make up stories on tap.

Argho Ajay Mukherji, account manager, who is also an avid biker and travel blogger, says part of the problem with client interface is lack of experience. He adds that, “ You cannot expect a management trainee or an account executive to handle a client on their own, in the bigger agencies this isn't such a problem but I think the smaller agencies still need to work towards it.”


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