25% of BBC Global News revenue from content marketing

A full quarter of the total revenue for BBC Global News comes from content marketing, including native advertising on television. Addressing a roundtable in New Delhi earlier this week, marking 25 years of BBC World News- the international news channel of the BBC, Jim Egan-CEO, BBC Global News Ltd. said that you  have to ensure a high degree of quality for branded content. It should be as good as the editorial  content available on BBC. 

BBC keeps it's content marketing and editorial teams separate. Egan said that consumers give you only one chance to get the branded content right and that  advertisers are as concerned about the quality of branded content as publishers and would want a high quality product. Egan said that branded content needs to be clearly marked as such. This would ensure transparency for the brand as well. 

Content marketing and the creation of branded content is a key service priority for  the PR business in India as well. Egan's comments indicate some of the ways such content can be structured in a credible manner. 

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