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Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Godrej PRmoment Adfactors 3030 Announces Winners for the 10th Edition

The Godrej PRmoment Adfactors 30 Under 30 celebrates its 10th anniversary by recognizing the brightest young talent in India's public relations landscape. This year's winners hail from a diverse range of organizations, including established companies like HP and South Indian Bank, alongside tech innovators like IBS Software and smartphone leader POCO.

The program also acknowledges future leaders from leading PR agencies such as Adfactors, MSL, Edelman India, Avian WE, Ruder Finn, The Practice, Weber Shandwick, and On Purpose.

Brand-Side Surge Highlights Growing Importance of PR

This year saw a significant increase in entries from brand-side communications teams, doubling from 21 in 2023 to 41. This surge reflects the growing recognition of PR's strategic role in driving business success.

Rigorous Jury Process Ensures Meritocracy

The winners are chosen through a robust three-step process. Each application undergoes a meticulous evaluation by three judges, followed by in-depth discussions to finalize the top 30. PRmoment extends its gratitude to the distinguished jury, comprised of India's most respected communication professionals, for their dedication and insightful contributions.

A Platform Championed by Collaboration

The Godrej PRmoment Adfactors 30 Under 30 wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of its sponsors, Godrej and Adfactors PR. Their commitment ensures the program remains free of application fees, fostering a truly merit-based platform to identify and celebrate India's future PR leaders.

Check out the winners' film here:

Message from the Sponsors

Aaryaman Singh, 29, Manager- Client Experience, Weber Shandwick
Online Profile

An expert storyteller and a ‘Crisis Commander’, Aaryaman has shown resilience in facing challenges and chaos. His own story pans out like the movies that he is so fond of. From his beginnings as a Senior PR executive in 2020 to planning the launch of a gaming laptop in 2021 to working with the Snap Smart campaign for Snapchat he has evolved professionally, playing multifaceted roles. His strategic acumen and ground-breaking approach to ideation, expertly curating content that seamlessly aligns with brand objectives while adeptly leading and motivating his team, is an invaluable asset. 

Do take a look at his very cool Munnabhai-themed campaign to explain why AI matter to PR.

“Aaryaman exemplifies a professional work ethic that is demonstrated by his unwavering commitment to his responsibilities. His ability to think strategically and creatively is characterised by the way he handles his work and delivers projects on time. Aaryaman's project execution reflects a professional demeanour displayed by his commitment, agility in picking things up quickly, and a distinct viewpoint that greatly improves teamwork. Aaryaman's skills will continue to play a pivotal role in his success as a comms professional. ”
Poonam Nikam, Global Communications at Snapchat (Snap Inc.)

Abhinav Bhardwaj, 24, Senior Specialist, PR & Communications, POCO India
Online Profile

At a young age, Abhinav possesses a remarkable ability to grasp the intricacies of business and strategically align PR initiatives with a data-driven and analytical approach.

Abhinav has proved to be a valuable team player at POCO, India. A well-informed communications professional, he stays in touch with all the latest PR trends and maintains a strong network within the industry.

A testament to his contributions is the launch of POCO X5 Pro and POCO X6 Pro and also the X-series and F-series launches, and Big Billion Days.

Check out his teardown of how to use AI for PR:

Aishwarya Ramesh, 26, Account Manager, Edelman
Online Profile

Aishwarya is a people person, empathetic and collaborative. A thorough professional, she embodies maturity and tenacity in her engagements that have been appreciated by stakeholders and media alike. She maintains a calm and professional approach to most challenges the industry faces.

A glimpse of her PR acumen was seen at the Snapdragon Summit 2023, Hawaii, which entailed a series of announcements across Mobile, XR, Sound, AI, and Compute. The event was attended by analysts and journalists across several publications representing a strategic mix of mainlines, financials, digital and multi-platform media covering technology and telecom. Aishwarya’s adeptness in setting up briefings, ensuring timely dissemination of press releases, and meticulously managing logistics during travel was instrumental in the success of the event.

Stakeholder Thumbs Up
Throughout our interactions over the past three-plus years, I have been consistently impressed by Aishwarya’s proactive and positive attitude, exceptional talent, and dedication within the public relations field. Aishwarya anticipates needs, takes initiative, and goes the extra mile to ensure successful outcomes.
Prabhu Ram, Head- Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research

Anujaa Singh, 29, Manager – PR,
Online Profile

Anujaa is a dynamic and adaptable PR professional who has been making waves in the industry with her exceptional work ethic, dedication, and ability to tackle the next big challenge with enthusiasm and precision. She has successfully secured several key awards & recognitions for in the North American Market. These include recognition in the 2023 Deloitte Technology Fast 500TM for North America (29th edition), and recognition for CEO & Co-founder, Raghu Ravinutala as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs by The Software Report 2023, among others.

From Tier A publications to coverage from VentureBeat to multiple personnel and awards, Anujaa is the main driver behind's PR initiatives across various markets, notably in India, North America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Her endeavours have resulted in more than a fourfold increase in the Share of Voice (SoV) of in the key market of North America.

Ayush Gautam, 25, Senior Account Manager, Avian WE
Online Profile

Ayush could be described as a strong thinker and a planner on consumer tech brands, who not only has a sound understanding of the media universe but has also developed a command over new-age media. 

Demonstrating a grasp of media relations, storytelling, and strategic communications, Ayush along with the corporate communications team of Samsung travelled to Seoul for the launch of the fifth- generation of Samsung Galaxy Foldables (Galaxy Z Fold5 & Z Flip5).

Leveraging media relations, he helped manage the press and created a strong buzz among the target audience including GenZ.

Ayush Tripathi, 26, Account Manager, Avian WE
Online Profile

A storyteller, a relationship builder, and a published author, Ayush believes in putting the ‘fun’ in Function – adding a touch of humour and bringing a fresh perspective to his journey in public relations. Having worked with over 15 brands, Ayush actively advocates for engaging in more client-facing interactions and excels in both traditional and emerging PR landscapes.

The campaign that draws the most attention to his capabilities is the launch of the Galaxy S23 Series. Ayush helped work on real-time engagement by streaming a "watch party" for the global launch.

Client Speak
"Ayush is a powerhouse of talent. His ability to calmly assess a situation, strategize and take appropriate and right actions is commendable. He brings to the table strong media relations, and impactful strategy coupled with tactical content. Congratulations on your remarkable career so far and only wish he grows faster and continues to add value to clients and brands."
Koustabh Das, Corporate Communication, Samsung India

Camaxi Shenoy, 27, Account Manager, Ruder Finn
Online Profile

Camaxi is a blend of learning and growth mindset. She learned the ropes of PR from scratch, familiarized herself with various verticals and delved into complex topics like SaaS, semiconductors, IT services, and cybersecurity. While specializing in B2B/Enterprise tech, Camaxi diversified into areas like outplacement, ERP, digital entertainment, mental health, and mobile gaming. As she so aptly puts it “from OTT to ERP”. Working with a diverse array of clients and grappling with unique challenges, she soon realised that the utilization of AI in public relations would be increasingly vital.

Camaxi’s top project in 2023 was, unravelling the AI enigma with Findability Sciences. The program consisted of leveraging 360-degree storytelling conversations with influential voices to educate and discuss the significant and potential impact of Enterprise AI. Using a video series, speaking engagements by experts, articles in publications, and testimonials, Camaxi garnered media attention which resulted in the campaign winning two industry awards in 2023.

Chandrani Pal, 24, PR Account Executive, Avian WE
Online Profile

Chandrani defines her “Red Carpet moments” not by sequined gowns or accessories, but by planning high-profile press briefings and the creation of memorable campaigns that resonate with audiences and media. Her expertise in logistics, media engagement, and blending corporate and philanthropic values for impactful results are her “Golden Globe” awards. The past year has been particularly transformative for her as she built her digital skillset by diving deeper into AI, understanding it, and leveraging it with precision that human intuition alone cannot achieve. Chandrani’s growth has evolved with learning new tools and refining her storytelling techniques to ensure that every campaign she touches turns into communicative gold.

Coordinating a press briefing for mobile clients and foundations showcased Chandrani’s dedication to excellence, her ability to navigate the complexities of the PR world, and her commitment to creating events that are not only successful but also meaningful.

Disha Nanda, 30, Manager – Corporate Communications – APAC, IBS Software
Online Profile

Disha began her career as a voiceover artist and a radio jockey, after which she chose to become a PR professional navigating through agency setups and in-house roles. She explored different aspects of PR working with coveted technology and corporate brands. In her role as a communications manager for APAC, she started with a “green field” needing to develop and establish PR across the region and build meaningful PR campaigns for IBS Software in the region.

With Disha’s efforts, IBS Software partnered with YouGov to commission its inaugural consumer survey around Airline Loyalty Programs (ALP) in key travel centres across the APAC region. Using multiple AI tools the study was presented as part of the first IBS Software Loyalty Forum event held in Dubai and the highlights of the study were presented under embargo to all the attending airline customers. 

Divya Arora, 25, Account Manager, Ruder Finn
Online Profile

Her journey from Korba in Chhattisgarh to Gurgaon; from starting as an intern to becoming a manager in 3 years, has given Divya a unique take on storytelling, creativity, and personalization, all the while weaving a beautiful tapestry blending traditional and modern technology. Calling herself a ‘media maven’, Divya uses social media like a pro for keeping clients in the loop on industry updates or reaching the right audience through engaging content.

Her contribution to the campaign #WHYNEWZEALAND, to establish New Zealand’s presence as the premier study-abroad destination and amplify recall was judged outstanding.

Calling AI the new cornerstone of PR, Divya developed a campaign – #KahoNaPRAI – to promote the use of AI in PR storytelling. Check it out here:

Garima Kumar, 30, Manager – Branding & Communication, EKI Energy Services Ltd
Online Profile

A firm believer in the power of the Universe, Garima fought several challenges to achieve what she has so far. Gender biases and an invisible disability restricted her remote mobility but despite these challenges, she gained diverse experience by working on multiple beats like Auto, Tech, Finance, Start-Ups, and Sustainability. Quickly climbing the ladder of success, Garima reached the leadership level and has been instrumental in creating organizational policies including a policy on external communications which was rolled out in August 2023.

The biggest feather in her cap has been the campaign “Only Green for India” in 2023. A year-long communication campaign showcased how the integration of AI extensively powered multiple use cases like content support, trigger, competition tracking, digital creatives and the like. This campaign garnered the attention of several media outlets, initiated the Climate Chronicles and Climate Talk series on YouTube, and established media relations across the Middle East, and Europe.

Check out the sweet use of Bollywood music and a very well-narrated video on the use of AI:

Himani Arora, 24, Senior Account Executive, Adfactors PR
Online Profile

Fascinated by the PR industry Himani initially found it challenging to be in a job with communication at the core because of her introverted nature. However, she persevered and is now very confident in her skills. She firmly believes that start-ups are founded with a dream. To her, PR is about giving their vision a platform. It is about making their stories heard. Having worked extensively with start-up clients, Himani has been involved in strengthening thought leadership for her clients by ensuring a 50% increase in stories across media.

Her major success was helping with the launch of Ask QX, the world’s first hybrid generative AI platform to make AI more accessible to the Indian masses. Ask QX is available in 100+ languages, out of which 12 are Indian. Himani coordinated with and managed the logistics for the event seamlessly, coordinating with media and influencers, and garnering a positive share of voice for her client.

Indraneil Choudhury, 28, PR & Communications Specialist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Online Profile

Possessing a resilient spirit and a never-give-up attitude, Indraneil’s sheer determination and grit to achieve great outcomes have been unparalleled. Indraneil has a strong work ethic and a clear understanding of what makes for a good story.

Indraneil, with his skills and never-say-never approach, has remarkably spearheaded creative campaigns and engagements which has underscored his capabilities for amplifying brand visibility and resonance.

Here is what he has to say about AI in PR.

Kriti Chauhan, 26, Senior Account Executive, Edelman
Online Profile

An expert in AI, Kriti has immersed herself in leveraging AI and digital storytelling to drive impactful campaigns. Mastering AI for personalized outreach, data analysis, and influencer mobilization, she discovered its ability to fuel creativity and craft resonant narratives, showcasing technology's transformative potential in driving campaigns while propelling her personal and professional growth as a PR practitioner.

Her experiences with Maruti Suzuki, and Pepsi’s 'Rise Up Baby' campaign, helped strategically leveraged influencers to extract narratives around empowering youth with self-expression, self-belief and confidence.

Kriti’s standout project is the 'Conquer with Courage' campaign for Mountain Dew, where using her knowledge of AI and digital strategy, she helped leveraged AI to amplify the immersive experiences resonating with the brand's courage ethos across media.

Manvi Khanna, 26, Manager - Client Experience, Weber Shandwick
Online Profile

Manvi Khanna” possesses a cocktail of skills and experiences that have helped her evolve into the data-driven, technology-driven communicator that she is. Just like the bartender mixes cocktails with precision, Manvi has created strategies with carefully chosen words and has woven a compelling narrative that is loved by her clients. A deep understanding of the process and the subject has been a hallmark of her work. Manvi’s passion helped create the human-centric cultural film during Durga Puja, fostering cherished memories of food and drinks and introducing the #MagicWaliDiwali AI platform, a perfect fusion of art and technology.

Through Manvi’s proactive efforts in the media, this campaign was also listed as the best AI campaign of 2023 across publications.

Do take a look at Manvi’s helpful AI video on how to use AI in your PR job!

Miloni Gandhi, 28, Executive – PR Client Servicing, Value 360 Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Online Profile

Miloni’s exceptional professionalism, unwavering dedication, and robust work ethic is what make her a successful PR person. A constant and consistent learner, Miloni's problem-solving skills and meticulous attention to detail have been invaluable in handling intricate tasks and projects, whether independently or as part of a team, fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Miloni’s mantra “In every task, aim for fame, Spread the word, populate Khemani's name!” has earned her the position of being the one-point contact for anything related to the Khemani Group. Handling the Khemani Group’s media activity single-handedly,

Check out what she has to say about AI in PR:

Priyanka Madaan, 29, Assistant Manager – Corporate Communications, OPPO India
Online Profile

A highly experienced communications professional, Priyanka has over seven years of experience across diverse industries such as Automobile, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, and Consumer Tech. In her opinion PR is about communicating honestly—to the best of one’s ability—to build trust while telling stories that hit home. Her mix of skills, experience, and plain love for what she does keeps her pushing the envelope.

Priyanka hit gold with her campaign for the OPPO Reno10 Series, highlighting the "The Portrait Expert" with its telephoto lens. She worked closely with Museo, a photography museum in Gurugram and picked the Neemrana Fort, Rajasthan, as the venue to create content because of its stunning locales for showing off the Reno10 Series camera's skills.

Do take a look at her video titled AInnovation in PR:

Radhika Singhal, 24, Senior Account Executive, Avian WE
Online Profile

Affectionately called “Content Factory”, churning out pieces like a “caffeinated squirrel on a mission”, Radhika phrases it as soon as you say it. What also truly sets Radhika apart is her exceptional level of responsiveness and lightning-fast turnaround times, ensuring that no task is left unfinished. A dedicated professional with a profound understanding and extensive expertise spanning diverse sectors, her excellent communication skills, coupled with client servicing abilities and analytical acumen, consistently drive extensive coverage and traction across campaigns.

Radhika is the one who pulled off a major international airport terminal launch, helping to initiate and crafting a 360-integrated launch strategy that etches this visual into memory – think terminal in a garden.

Saloni Sachdeva, 29, Senior Manager, Social Impact, Avian WE
Online Profile

Saloni likes to call herself a jack of all trades. As part of a dynamic two-person team, she managed creatives, jumped to the website, managed the media, reflected it effectively on social media, and then amplified it through SEO tools. By leveraging AI, Saloni has been able to tailor spokespeople communications through predictive AI, crunch data effectively, and focus on targeted communication.

One campaign that stuck and made everyone sit up and take notice was 'Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE)' which exposed Saloni to the intricacies of orchestrating a global campaign. With LiFE, a global mass movement to promote climate-friendly behaviours among individuals and communities worldwide, Saloni helped to bring the UN, government bodies, endorsers, and influencers together on one platform. 

Take a look at her explainer video on how to use AI for PR:

Satbhan Singh, 25, Account Manager, Edelman India
Online Profile

Disciplined, pushing boundaries, never-say-die yet with a realistic attitude—Satbhan is a client’s delight. He is a very reliable, dynamic, and adaptable storyteller by heart who believes that no matter what the format is, the story should be told. From working with journalists to increase understanding of green coding and technology, sustainability reporting, experimenting with new formats of storytelling, and thinking four steps ahead of everybody, Satbhan rides this rollercoaster with ease.

Satbhan was part of the team that conceptualized and executed the Sustainability Campaign (Pledge to Progress) for Microsoft in India. Via varied formats and sharing foundational insights, the campaign resulted in establishing Microsoft as a leading voice for using technology for sustainability. The campaign received 100+ stories, 90M+ readership, 689 social media engagements, and 1.6K owned media pageviews, Satbhan was also part of the team that led Satya Nadella, CEO and chairman, Microsoft, India visit in 2023 and 2024.

Shashank Bharadwaj, 26, Partner - WebX Integrated Marketing Solutions
Online Profile

Shashank is a firm believer that with creativity and strategic thinking, there are always ways to share your story with the world, even if there are constraints and regulatory guidelines. He has worked closely with the CEO of eGov Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, to establish the marketing function, emphasizing the critical role of communications within the team.

Shashank’s project “Solving for Billions” was started to establish eGov Foundation as a pioneer and thought leader in digital public goods and citizen service delivery. Created advocates for the brand and, at the same time, built a community of like-minded people for the long-term sustainability of programs. He leveraged AI for content creation and social media management optimization and achieved 799,685 organic impressions across shared media and several distinct media activities, leading to coverage as well as exclusive long-format features in leading publications like The Economic Times, Indian Express, and India Today Magazine.

Shreeda Aggarwal, 28, Senior Account Executive, Ruder Finn India.
Online Profile

Scripting her narrative by choosing not to join the family business, Shreeda navigated an alien corporate world with curiosity and determination. Pushing the boundaries to acquire a diverse set of skills, she curated written content, designed infographics, edited videos, and produced podcasts. Using her in-depth understanding of content for digital media and social platform analytics, Shreeda successfully ideated and carried out integrated PR campaigns for leading brands. She also successfully used new-age media to build relevance for Canon among today’s consumers. Her efforts drove Canon to explore podcasts and Instagram collaborations.

In 2023, Shreeda led the ideation and execution of a year-long campaign for a sports brand.

Here is Shreeda’s take on how AI can help in PR crises:

Shreya Sharma, 29, Cluster Director of Marketing Communications, Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Online Profile

Driven by curiosity and a thirst for innovation, Shreya entered PR with the goal of creating mindful communication, elevating experiences across industries, and leaving a lasting impact on business and society. And she has achieved that goal. Heading the marketing communications for Hilton , Hilton Garden Inn, Embassy Manyata Business Park and Hilton Bangalore Embassy Golflinks. Employing data-driven storytelling, coupled with a customer-centric narrative, keeping the guest’s journey in mind, is no simple task. Shreya does this with ease.

Shreya can identify and capitalize on emerging innovations, leading to campaigns that captivate audiences and skyrocket engagement. Shreya devised a captivating brand campaign crafted to illuminate the unparalleled Hilton experience within the hospitality industry, emphasizing its distinctive features and superior service standards, setting a new benchmark for excellence and guest satisfaction. This was evident in the 3-fold increase in website traffic for Hilton Manyata year-over-year, a direct consequence of the campaigns that resonated deeply with our target market within the hospitality industry.

Sneha Saraf, 27, PR & Communications Specialist, HP INDIA
Online Profile

Sneha is a rare find in the PR world, where efficiency in a fast-paced atmosphere meets a very calm demeanour. Incredibly hard-working and collaborative, one of Sneha’s most commendable strengths is her eagerness to learn new things and continue to add to her bank of skills. Sneha approaches her work with a blend of creativity and dedication, consistently delivering results that have a direct impact on business. Her strong connections within the technology media have played a pivotal role in driving impactful stories and reviews and maintaining a positive media sentiment.

Sneha’s most memorable project would be her HP Chromebook campaign. Amidst the transition to hybrid learning, students faced difficulty choosing the right device for online education. Similarly, parents remained cautious about not overspending on lavish PCs. This was the genesis of the HP Chromebook campaign. Sneha highlighted the remarkable features that a budget-friendly laptop can offer.

To create a strong impact, she single-handedly shot reels for HP products, which were featured on Elle magazine's Instagram, garnering 500K+ views. She also created a fresh Instagram page for HP’s gaming study launch, which achieved 5K+ engagement in one month.

Soujanya Das, 28, Associate Project Manager, Current Global
Online Profile

From academic compositions to leisurely musings, Soujanya’s pen has been an unwavering companion ever since childhood, laying the foundation for a lifelong love affair with storytelling long before she ventured into the world of PR. Like she proudly loves to declare, "I write, therefore I am." Soujanya thinks that empowered by the integration of AI tools such as ChatGPT and, writer's block has become a distant memory.

Soujanya’s, “Perfect Yours” campaign with Hyatt India Hotels, brought her laurels for helping refine the campaign's messaging, and executing the campaign outreach.

Suhani Chawla, 26, Senior PR Specialist, IQOO India
Online Profile

Like other kids, Suhani also dreamt of exploring the cosmos as an astronaut while growing up. And she did, but in her way. With a natural competitive spirit and a drive to exceed expectations, Suhani charted her course through the stars of the communications world instead. Like astronauts handling zero gravity and unexpected technical issues during spacewalks, she navigated her spacecraft through unforeseen crises, media shifts, and unpredictable public reactions with agility and precision. Efficiently utilizing AI tools, she created captivating visuals and content to land the desired messaging with the relevant stakeholders.

At Ruder Finn, Suhani worked with OPPO campaigns. She has moved to IQOO India, a sub-brand of Vivo.

Her video on how to accelerate learning for AI in PR has some great suggestions. Take a look:

Tanoo Gupta, 29, Senior Account Manager, Ruder Finn
Online Profile

Tanoo consistently demonstrates an unparalleled level of professionalism, creativity, and strategic thinking. What also truly sets Tanoo apart is her proactive approach and attention to detail. Her strategic counsel and insights have been invaluable in navigating complex media landscapes and achieving communication goals effectively.

Tanoo’s exceptional skills were brought to light by her ideation of the Adobe campaign. Tanoo was part of the launch of Adobe Firefly to showcase Adobe’s move into the Generative AI space, with first-ever unmatched capabilities like text to image and others. Tanoo created an impactful customer storytelling program where she highlighted the success stories of Adobe's customers, which included India’s biggest brands across every industry, to discuss their digital journeys and the role Gen AI has played.

Tanoo’s very cool video on why should she win uses an AI avatar to narrate her pitch:

Unnati Khubyani, 26, Senior Account Executive, Edelman
Online Profile

In her rewarding three-year stint within the PR industry, Unnati has navigated diverse sectors, including technology, energy, FMCG, automotive, and consumer electronics, honing a versatile skill set. Recognized for her unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for crafting brand narratives, she is often referred to by colleagues as someone who ‘breathes PR’. Understanding the need to evolve with industry trends, Unnati actively engaged in digital marketing and AI workshops, aiming to upskill herself every day.

The top project she worked on was for an energy major. With meticulous planning, Unnati achieved the objective of acquainting the Indian media with their leadership and also positioned the leadership as a pivotal spokesperson during the prestigious India Energy Week 2023.

Urvashi Kapale, 28, Assistant Manager, Media Communication, South Indian Bank
Online Profile

Known for her ever-curious mind and her passion for learning, Urvashi brings exceptional creativity, intelligence, and dedication to every project that she takes on, delivering innovative, impactful solutions. She took on the challenge of revamping a traditional bank’s image to resonate better with the younger target audience, helping the brand bridge the gap between tradition and technology.

Taking the bull by the horns, Urvashi crafted a strategic blueprint outlining a plan to transform the image of the bank and engage a new generation of customers. While the objective may be considered ambitious by a few, Urvashi knocked the ball out of the park. Seeing the result over 3 years, the bank saw a 123% surge in stock prices and a 6x increase in media coverage.

Do head over to her profile done most creatively.

Usha Agarwalla, 29, Account Manager, On Purpose Consulting
Online Profile

Coming from a business background, Usha brings a business-focused approach to her work. For instance, when Securonix’s CEO visited India, the goal was to create a splash across print, online, and TV. Rather than opting for costly TV interviews with lower RoI, Usha proposed and implemented a more cost-effective fireside chat on the social media handles of prominent TV channels. Money saved, but job done, as this approach proved successful with the video garnering over 1 lakh impressions.

Usha’s campaign for Securonix is also her best work. Securonix started its India sales in 2019, but with the industry at its nascent stage, Securonix’s challenge was to engage the right stakeholders and spark conversations around cybersecurity. Usha’s game plan of integrating the core messaging in all stories, nurturing stakeholders with information about Securonix offerings, and influencing key audiences with tailored messaging proved to be exactly what was needed.

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