3030 winners share tips on how to ace Godrej PRmoment Adfactors 3030 for 2022

As the 3030 deadline draws closer, 3030 winners from previous editions share their best tips to ace the Godrej PRmoment Adfactors 3030 for 2022 list.

In its eighth edition now, the PRmoment India 3030 is the defining platform that honours young PR talent in India. 

Over the years, the list has introduced to the world 210 emerging leaders. As winners are not allowed to re-enter, the list discovers 30 fresh young leaders every year.

Annesha Deb, senior manager, corporate communications, Tata Motors, 3030 winner for 2021, shares,  "First of all, start jotting down your thoughts well in advance. It takes some amount of time in refining them and if you keep working on it bit by bit, you will see the vast improvement in what you had just put down as a thought starter to what it turned out to be as a finished product. Furthermore, my main aim while writing the entry was to focus on not making it monotonous. The answers needed to explain my thought process aptly while also making an interesting read for the jury."

Paromita Sinha- senior account manager, Ruder Finn, 3030 winner for 2021 says " While writing the entry I kept two things in mind - a 360- degree view on the work accomplished in the past 18 months and a creative method to tell my story."

The all important PR for PR campaign section 

This section is the most important part of the entry form and is a tie breaker in case of equal scores. This year the task is to, "Create a short campaign on ‘PR is  the most important reputation asset for a company post pandemic.” in the format of your choice. This could be a written pitch or a reel or video.

Jury co-chair and for 3030 and vice president and head, corporate brand and communications, Godrej Industries said, "The question is, what would you as a leader do differently to ensure that the PR business gets its long-overdue place in the communication sun. A campaign idea from you on how to demonstrate the reputational power of PR would help us understand your perspective and contribution towards raising the bar of our industry."

Adding another insight on how to handle the PR for PR question, Adfactors PR co-founder and managing director, Madan Bahal said "The nature of risk for businesses and therefore risk and reputation management has completely changed during COVID. In such a scenario we need emerging PR leaders who are already thinking about being relevant 3 years down the line and not just in 2022."

Deb shares her approach, "The campaign section was one I was the most excited and scared about at the same time. This section witnesses the best of the best squeezing out their creative juices to create something never seen before. It needs to be topical, relevant and relatable. My suggestion here would be to let the idea choose its own format, rather than the format dictating the idea."

Somya Jain, senior account manager, Ruder Finn India and winner 3030 for 2021 says, "Since I was writing my response to this question post the pandemic my intention was to keep the present situation in mind and build campaigns that tell consumers that the brand is there for them. With things changing upside down in the post pandemic work, addressing this section helped me look at PR in a different light and pushed me to strike the right balance to obtain the best result for the brands, by keeping empathy at the centre and an essential component of the whole trade."

How did the 3030 recognition help?

Sinha says, "To be part of 3030-2021 cohort bestowed on me an industry wide recognition. It also helps one build network and gain a fair bit of acknowledgement of one’s body of work."

Jain shares that, "At times, we undervalue or downplay our own work. This award has not only given me industry recognition but has also broadened my perspective and has connected me with a lot of people in the industry as well."

Deb sums up the 3030 experience saying, "While I had worked on multiple award nominations before, this was the first time I had filled in a nomination for myself. So, this recognition definitely boosted my self-confidence."

How to apply for the Godrej PRmoment India Adfactors 30 under 30, 2022

Please click here to register to enter for viewing and uploading the entry form.

Please click here to view how the jury will score your entry.

Contact paarul@prmoment.in for queries or call at 9811426392.

Who can enter?

  • Only those PR professionals that are 30 or under as on March 15th, 2022 are eligible to enter.
  • The Godrej PRmoment India Adfactors 30 under 30 is a once in a lifetime honour, so if you've been included in the 3030 before, then I'm afraid it's time to move aside and let others shine.
  • You can be working either at a PR consultancy or client-side PR team, in a digital communication or marketing role and in any areas under PR and corporate communications.
  • You can self-nominate.
  • There is no entry fee.

Key dates

-The last date for applying is 31st January 2021.

- Online Jury Meet in February 2021.

-Results announced on March 22nd , 2021

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