Adfactors PR tries humour to react to recent consolidation in the Indian PR market

The Indian PR market has seen some of the last big independent PR firms consolidate with international investment. Earlier this week, WE Communications announced a strategic investment in Avian Media, the second largest independent PR firm in India.

And today, Adfactors PR came out with a bit of a tongue in cheek response to this. Adfactors PR, is India's largest PR firm,  not just India's largest independent firm. An early morning creative saw them congratulate WE and Avian Media and also extol Adfactor PR's indepndence saying that, " We draw consolation from the fact that even though we are once again stranded as the only independent Indian PR agency in our peer group, we also happen to be the biggest, most -awarded and one of the fastest-growing PR companies."

PR firms in India are usually not vocal in public about the competition or anything very key about the PR business. So for Indian PR firms, this is an unusually public reaction!

          Not surpisingly, the PR Twitterverse aso reacted, some criticising the Adfactors PR post.

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