Adopt the 5 habits of highly effective PR professionals, says 'FLIP'

Today's PR professional is always looking for ways to maximise their day. One of the big challenges for our PR folks is to get the time and space to focus on the things that matter in work and life.

FLIP, a knowledge platform for sharing views and news about communication, outlines a few everyday habits that we can all adopt for a happier, more productive life.

#1 - Journaling Versus Check-listing

Making a to-do list is an effective habit. But documenting your accomplishments post-execution is even better. Instead of listing down the problems and the obstacles, write down how you overcame it. Focusing on the positive helps change perspectives.

#2 - Input More White Noise

Music has been listed as one of the most common ways to reduce distraction. But as someone wisely said, “How can you work better when you are unaware of what happens around?” White noise aka a ‘Minus one background score’ helps improve focus and increase productivity.

#3 - Meal Plan and Planned Meals

Diet can be both, a culprit as well as a catalyst. What you eat is directly proportionate to how you function. Eating the right portions at the right time; skip the rope, not your meals. Plan ahead to count the nutrition, not the calories.

#4 - Work-Out and Work out!

Block dedicated time to exercise your body – No smartphones, no procrastination, no strategic planning. A dedicated time for a purely physical workout, be it a closed indoor gym workout or a jog outdoors, or even climbing ten floors to work!

#5 - Build Your Own Style

Working out of a café maximizes your creativity? Prefer taking notes versus recording an informative session? More comfortable working on a bean bag at work? So be it! Whatever helps you work better, do it more often.

Save this easy infographic below to keep a check on your mindful routine:

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