Aedhmar Hynes, Text100 Global CEO, steps down,Text100 and Bite will now merge

Text100's long-running CEO, Aedhmar Hynes has stepped down after an 18-year stint leading the company. In a statement issued today, Hynes said, "Mark Adams and Tom Lewis – our founders – knew that it’s not about the name on the door. It’s about the team, our clients and a vision we share. As CEO, I’ve known that my role is to do my best to advance that team and vision until it’s time for someone else to carry it forward. That time has now come. It is with mixed emotions that I share the news that now feels like the right time for me to leave the company."

This move comes ahead of a merger between Bite and Text 100. Said Hynes, "Bite and Text100 will be coming together to form a new company, with a new brand that will be led by current Bite CEO Helena Maus." 

Text100 has a presence in India as does HyperText made up of the former India Bite team. 

Hynes signed off by saying that,  "I remain bullish about the future of our company.  Our people around the world have created a unique culture which has lasted through the decades and is unmatched in our industry.  There is no better place for a client to seek counsel or a creative, strategic communicator to build their career."

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