After Adfactors, Indore based PR 24x7 to train 100 employees in digital marketing

Media relations firm PR24x7 has appointed Soil Global, to train their 100 professional employees in digital marketing.

The duration of the program will be of six months and the core program has been designed by experts with additional modules co-created with PR24x7, for PR professionals. 

Speaking about the training, Founder of PR24x7, Atul Malikram says, “We have to be prepared to meet the demands and needs of our clients. For employees such training will help to overcome the bridge of digitalization in future.”

According to  Ayush Gorani, director, SOIL, “Soil global is a global community and an integrated platform for learners and trainers. We are proud to be associated with PR 24x7 and we are extremely happy that PR 24x7 has taken such an initiative to upgrade the skills of their employees.”

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