Amrit Ahuja to join Facebook India as Director communications in February 2018, will grow team

Former MD of 20: 20 MSL,  Amrit Ahuja, has been headhunted for the prestigious role of director, communications at Facebook India. The position was open for nearly three years, before the organisation closed in on Ahuja.

Ahuja's last position was as managing director of 20:20 MSL, which handles Facebook products in India, while Avian Media looks after policy issues for Facebook. Reliable sources said that the current Facebook team is down to one person, after the departure earlier this year of Carson Dalton, head, communications for Facebook India. Once Ahuja joins, there are plans to grow the  internal PR and communications team given the scope of the PR mandate covering products and policies as well as commercial initiatives. 

Ahuja will report to the APAC head of communications for Facebook, Charlene Chian. 

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