Anand Subramanian to move on after 8 years of heading communications at Ola

 Anand Subramanian who was leading marketing communications, internal communications and PR for Ola and its various group companies globally is moving on from the lading car riding firm.

In a message shared with PRmoment India, Subramanian said, "It’s a wrap here, as I complete 8.5 years of an incredible journey with Ola. 

Over these years, I got the opportunity to make a deep impact on the lives of millions, tell those powerful stories and most importantly know and meet wonderful friends and partners like yourself! Thank you for being part of my journey!"

Commenting on his next move Subramanian commented that," Well, the bar is high but for now, I’m taking a step back to reflect on my time spent here and keep busy with our 1 year old’s antics! I’m excited to embark on this new phase as I explore what’s next."

Subramanian will continue to work with early stage startups as an investor mentor across healthcare, education, clean-tech and F&B industries. He currently serves on the board of ​Clairco and GeriCare​.

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