APCO Worldwide launches partnership with VeKommunicate in India

APCO Worldwide has initiated a strategic partnership with Gurugram-based VeKommunicate, which provides advocacy and communications support to organisations and associations, Rahul Sharma, managing director of APCO in India, announced today.

“We are very excited about this partnership and see it as providing value to our business given the advocacy expertise that rests in VeKommunicate,” Sharma said, adding that partnerships were critical in complex markets. “We believe this association will help us achieve some of our key objectives in the India market.”

The partnership is designed to provide clients with advocacy and communications services in several areas, including trade and multilateral issues.

“We believe both APCO Worldwide and VeKommunicate have complementary advantages that we will build on to create a solid and lasting partnership. We are very excited to work with APCO—a strong global brand,” said T.S. Vishwanath, co-founder and partner of VeKommunicate.

VeKommunicate is a public policy and communications organization that specializes in the areas of research, policy advocacy and strategic advisory counsel. Its clients are from FMCG, minerals and cement, health care and alco-beverage sectors, among others.

Since launching in 2007, APCO’s regional operations in India have grown to become one of the largest and most successful in its global network. 

 Established by Margery Kraus as a single-person operation in 1984, APCO has grown to a global advisory and advocacy communications consultancy helping clients be catalysts for progress through its 950+ staff and International Advisory Council members in more than 30 markets.

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