#ARM Worldwide bags digital mandate for high end outsourcing firm TresVista

New Delhi, December 6, 2021: #ARM Worldwide has won the mandate to rebuild TresVista's digital presence.

TresVista is a provider of high-end outsourced support for asset managers, entrepreneurs & corporates. 

Santanu Ghatak, senior associate, marketing and corporate communications, TresVista, said, "Besides the expertise across strategic, creative, and performance dimensions, Manas and his team represent some of the best multi-functional talents in the domain. We’re enthusiastic about building TresVista together with them to showcase our brand identity."

Manas Gulati, co-founder, and CEO, #ARM Worldwide, said, “In a market where pressure is constantly increasing on both financial institutions and consumers, the business model of TresVista plays a very critical role. It has created a unique delivery model for itself and is comfortably placed to lead its brand story.”

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