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Asian Paints Sharad Shamman celebrates Pujo’s hidden heroes in a heart-warming campaign

Over the years, while styles, trends, and attitudes have changed in West Bengal, one thing has remained constant—the spirit of celebration. Through these decades, Asian Paints Sharad Shamman has been an integral part of Durga Pujo celebrations and proudly maintains its status of being Kolkata's best-known Pujo Awards since 1985. 

As a tribute to the dedicated people and pandals that have been part of Sharad Shamman for nearly four decades, Asian Paints has released a heartfelt TVC.

Beyond the extravagant pandals and the radiant lights, there exists an unseen army of individuals who labour tirelessly, often unnoticed but never unfelt. They are the unsung heroes of the festivities, the backbone of Pujo. This year, Asian Paints Sharad Shamman pays homage to these unsung heroes who meticulously attend to every detail, from crafting pandal decorations to rearranging furniture, ensuring that every aspect of the festival is perfect. 

The ad film is a musical tribute to the resourceful neighbourhood individuals who breathe life into Sharodiya by simply being a part of it.

Created by Ogilvy, the TVC takes viewers through the lesser-explored alleys of festive Kolkata. The ad film offers glimpses of small, heartfelt moments – neighbourhood uncles guiding pandal builders to their designated spots, young girls lending a hand with decorations, and a differently-abled woman using her feet to paint alpona on the ground. It also showcases a group of artistic boys and girls painting a mural of Durga on a wall. Each frame is filled with warmth and camaraderie, highlighting themes of inclusion and acceptance.

Speaking about the film, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO of Asian Paints Limited, shared, "Asian Paints Sharad Shamman stands tall almost four decades on due to efforts of countless artists, sculptors, devoted committee members & communities or paras at large who work diligently to make their ‘para-pujos’ special and grand. We at Asian Paints are happy to have infused thematic excellence into Kolkata Pujos & championed the cause over the years. 

Watch Asian Paints Sharad Shamman film in the link below– 

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