Avian WE Joins COVID Action Collaborative, supports fight against Coronavirus

 Avian WE has extended its support to the COVID Action Collaborative , a platform dedicated to combining capabilities and resources to respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak. Avian WE will support the collaborative with media advocacy, establishing partnerships and information dissemination among stakeholders including central and state government.

“In this difficult period, the need of the hour is to come together and show solidarity. Individuals and organisations from all sections of society must work together to address the public health crisis,” said Nitin Mantri, group CEO of Avian WE. “Avian WE is humbled to join hands with over 150 strong individuals and organisations, with a reach of over 2 million people in 11 states and 100 districts to do our part in the COVID-19 pandemic. We are confident that through this collaborative we will make a positive impact in our community.”

One of the first initiatives of 'The Collaborative' is to support the country’s healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals are increasingly fighting social stigma and are being shunned by others due to fears of being infected. As a part of the initiative, The Collaborative has launched a campaign to recognise the incredible work of these professionals as well as eliminate stigmas associated with their work.

Speaking about the Avian WE’s involvement, Shamal Karkal, CEO, Swasti said, “I am pleased that Avian WE have joined 'The Collaborative'. Like others who have joined, they bring their strengths towards deepening the collective impact and their expertise in integrated communications can be leveraged by the members of the collaborative.”

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