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Bayer partners with Indian Society of Nephrology on new campaign to promote kidney health

Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division in India has launched its "#ReadyToSlowDown" campaign, in partnership with the Indian Society of Nephrology to urge individuals in India to embrace a health-conscious, as well as kidney-conscious lifestyle.

"#ReadyToSlowDown" campaign is an urgent call to action in India, where 101 million people (11.4% of the country's population) are estimated to be living with diabetes, according to a new study published in Lancet. 

Bayer and Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN)’s collaboration kicked off exclusively in India in November 2023 in conjunction with World Diabetes Day and will run for four months till World Kidney Day in March 2024.

There is a critical link between the rise of diabetes and chronic kidney disease (CKD) – approximately 1 in 3 adults with diabetes have CKD. This is exacerbated by kidney failure-related deaths in India surging 38% in the past decade (2001-03 to 2010-13), underscoring the need for improved awareness.

The campaign kicks off with a film that captures the essence of making deliberate choices and slowing down the pace of life, as well as kidney disease progression in people with diabetes. Promoted through integrated media channels, including social media platforms, influencers, and traditional media), #ReadyToSlowDown will be the central hashtag for tracking and sharing campaign content.

Manoj Saxena, managing director of Bayer Pharmaceuticals India, said, "Chronic Kidney Disease is a silent killer, as most people don’t have any symptoms for many years, and by the time it is detected, for many it's already too late. At Bayer, we are committed to working with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) to advocate the early diagnosis of CKD in Type 2 diabetes patients and provide adequate patient support."

"#ReadyToSlowDown is a mindful reminder that every day presents a golden opportunity to make the right lifestyle choices, particularly in managing diabetes and the risk of CKD."

Dr Sanjeev Gulati, president, of the Indian Society of Nephrology & principal director – of Nephrology, at Fortis Escorts, Delhi explained that "End-stage kidney failure is irreversible and the only treatment options are dialysis or kidney transplant. With the pressing burden of CKD in India, the Indian Society of Nephrology is working closely with Bayer and the #ReadyToSlowDown campaign to empower individuals to make positive changes and to be informed of how they can effectively slow down kidney damage. One of the ways to make this change, especially for high-risk patients is to go for a urine albumin-creatinine ratio (uACR) test."

Emphasizing the critical need for awareness of CKD Dr Shyam Bansal, secretary of, the Indian Society of Nephrology said, “An alarming 38% surge in kidney failure-related deaths over the past decade, demands that we make deliberate health choices. The interconnected rise of diabetes and CKD calls for a shift in mindset and a commitment to a health-conscious lifestyle." 

"Winning the race for strong kidneys is not about speed, but steady choices we make every day - that can slow down the kidney damage, especially for those with diabetes or a family history of CKD.”

 Aman Gupta, managing partner – health practice Asia Lead, SPAG / Finn Partners noted, "The correlation between diabetes and CKD is one that most people do not pay attention to or cannot relate with until someone in their family encounters it. Together with Bayer and ISN, we hope that the #ReadyToSlowDown campaign will prompt a mindset shift for people at risk in India and allow them to slowly learn how to take incremental steps towards leading happier and healthier lives."

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